Anupama 12th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama Written Update Today

Anupama Written Update 12th April 2022 Episode Start :The episode begins with Pankhi, in which she keeps thinking about her mother Anupama, then suddenly she sees that the lamp kept near God, which was kept for Anupama’s marriage, was about to be extinguished due to lack of ghee in it, then Pakhi ran away. And worships by pouring ghee in that lamp, then Anupama and Kinjal go there and seeing Pakhi doing all this, then Pakhi looks back, then Anupama and Kinjal stand, then Anupama thanks Pakhi, then Pakhi leaves from there. She goes away .

Anupama Written Update Today

Then here Anupama comes to meet her mother and sees that Anuj has already arrived and seeing this Anupana starts crying, then Anupama’s mother says that what a good son-in-law I have got, then Anuj says mother will come by my side in our marriage, then Anupama She says mother is mine, she will come from my side, only then mother starts crying after seeing this.

Then Hasmukh and GK also reach, after that Anupama’s mother says that I want to invite my daughter to you first, then Anupama’s mother says that for the first time this is happening that the daughter’s mother is getting the invitation. After that Anupama’s mother makes Anupama and Anuj sit and perform their aarti. After that Hasmukh and GK ask to go, then Anuj says I will leave them and come. Then here Anupama’s mother understands to Anupama that now your sad days are gone and from now on she stops crying, then Anupama says to mother that there is happiness on one side, fear on one side, then again mother understands once more and says Anupama, now you don’t need to think all this much.

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