Anupama 9th April 2022 Written Update

Anupama Written Update Today

Anupama Written Update 9th April 2022 Episode Start :Episode starts with Anupama and Anuj in which Anupama comes to Anuj’s house because today marriage is going to be discussed at Anuj’s house only then Mukku, GK, Samar, Kinjal, Hasmukh all come together then Anupama and Anuj get married. After that, Hasmukh says, keep sitting, Pandit ji will come soon.

Anupama Written Update Today

Then Leela’s message and call comes on Hasmukh’s phone, then Leela says that you are engaged in the marriage of your daughter, here my son Vanraj is very sad when I asked him what happened, he said nothing, it would have been better to die. Everything remains with me, then Hasmukh says to Leela, let me come home and understand, then Leela says okay.

Then Anupama listens to all these things behind and tells Babu ji, you all stay with Vanraj, take care of him. Here Anuj comes to Malvika and says give Vanraj another chance, then Malvika feels that Anupama has told this thing, after that Malvika gets away from Anuj, then Anupama comes to Malvika and says Why is she sitting here alone, then Malavika says I am angry with you.

What is your relation with Vanraj now that you are getting your brother to recommend Vanraj, then Anupama says I said something to Anuj, then Malvika says you didn’t say so why should brother come to me when Anuj reaches there and says I tell then Anuj says that I had heard about Anupama and Babuji, then Malvika says because of the same Vanraj, I and you were away, so I cannot give Vanraj a chance now.

Then Anupama also says that you have always got insult from Vanraj, then Anuj says that I do not want any problem in that house, here Baa asks Vanraj to see any other work, then Vanraj says what is the use of whatever work he sees. I fail in everything, then Baa says that I should talk to Malvika, then Vanraj refuses, here Anuj tells Malvika, your company, do whatever you want, I had told like this.

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