Anupama Today Episode Written Update : Will Kinjal know the truth of Paritosh that the situation will worsen, will Anuj get angry on Anupama too!

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Anupama will be shocked because she has never seen Anuj in such anger before, in the upcoming episode, after becoming a grandmother, Anupama is seen making distance from her husband and her daughter i.e. little Anu. is coming.

Now Anuj is going to be angry about this, and Rakhi will tell about Toshu’s extra-marital affair. By doing this, her condition will become very critical, if some media news is to be believed, in the same way, the role of Kinjal has to be ended from here.

And in the coming episodes, you will get to see that a mountain of sorrow is going to break on the family, but on one hand, the way Anuj is seen getting angry. If you look according to the check, then Anupama will now spend more time giving Kinjal’s child and for this reason, Anuj will say that now you are forgetting your responsibility, you have to take care of your daughter too.

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Not only do pay attention to the children of Kinjal, but Anupama will also fall into thinking, then in the coming, episodes, you will get to see all the twists, which we have told you that the role size of Kinjal is going to be abolished. Many media channels are telling this and as far as the anger and quarrel between Anuj and Anupama are concerned, you will also get to see this thing in the coming episodes, even if Anuj controls his anger, whoever In the way his anger has come out on the younger Anu today, it does not seem to him. That he will forgive Anupama so easily because ever since he saw Vanraj on Anubhava’s shoulders his anger is increasing even more.

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