Anupama Today Episode Written Updaten 31-8-22

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, Anu thanked Lord Ganesha. Anuj asks Vanraj and Anupama is happy if she is not, Anu asks to see the lie. And then here you guys will see that Anupama will talk to Anuj, she is absolutely fine, Leela and if you ask about the rest of the eyes kids, all the people here have done Mulkat karate to the kid or else it is here today.

Anupama Dadi in the joy of banana will say thanks to everyone Anupama says it is being used because you have seen the baby in front of her, you will see the same praise, you will see that there is a monkey in it and handles everything very well.

Whose lie is being made up and Leela is being thanked, Anupama stops thanking everyone by lying, here Anuj has also fed sweets to little Anu, good news has a Barkha and tells them about Kinjal’s child. tells in. ,

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They thanked him for letting Anuj stay at home. Anupama knows that GK is with her. Vanraj from time to time tells lies to Anuj to take care of Anuj.

K Wah Dada is overjoyed after the banana and puts his hands on Time and Anupama’s shoulders seeing that Anu is also easily great, feels very bad, and looks too big, has to lie.

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On the other hand, Anupama says that Paritosh should have been here now and Kinjal says that it doesn’t matter what work the father gets as soon as the daughter comes.

On the other hand, when Kinjal asks about her mother i.e. Rakhi, Anupama says that I have told people that she is coming here. Balraj looks happy and gets very emotional.

As soon as Rakhi asks, she starts sparring with Padtosh, but Anupama comes to know that Rakhi’s sister is hiding something and she separates and asks what is the matter.

Seeing Rakhi, it seems that if Tosu is going to have an accident in the coming episodes, then she is going to die or she is going to go missing.

So what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes, you guys have joined the website.

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