Anupama 1st Jun 2023 Written Update b

Anupama: Rakhi took such a decision after hearing which Anupama was blown away, what will Paritosh and Kinjal do now!
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Anuj confesses to Anupama that he couldn’t bear seeing Little Anu cry and beg him not to leave them alone. He expresses that he still remembers Maaya’s condition and Little Anu’s desperate pleas, and he would never have forgiven himself if something had happened to Maaya. Even now, Maaya is not well, and that’s why he is obeying her every order.

He admits that he doesn’t know how he managed to cope with shock, panic, and guilt for the past month. He sincerely apologizes for hurting Anupama and assures her that he had no intimate relationship with Maaya. He is merely protecting Maaya as Little Anu’s mother. He explains that he was concerned about the potential deterioration of Maaya’s mental condition if Anupama had visited him in Mumbai, so he wanted to keep her away from the chaos. Anupama interrupts him, asking him to stop.

Anuj asserts that he belongs to Anupama and will always love only her. The background music of “Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiye” sets the emotional atmosphere.

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Meanwhile, Maaya panics and fears that Anuj and Anupama might have met. She asks Barkha to call Ankush and find out Anuj’s whereabouts. Barkha contacts Ankush, who playfully responds that he is in her heart. Barkha insists on knowing his physical location. Ankush mentions being in a business meeting but cannot provide further details due to being on speakerphone with someone nearby.

He explains that he needs to protect certain business secrets. Anuj continues to apologize to Anupama, and she embraces him emotionally while the song “Tere Liye Hum Hain Jiye” plays in the background. They reminisce about their romantic days together. Anupama questions why he suffered alone and didn’t share his sorrows with her. She wonders if he didn’t trust his “Anu.” Both of them cry uncontrollably, tightly embracing each other.

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Anuj expresses relief that everything is clear now, but Anupama insists on understanding why he chose to suffer alone. Anuj confesses that he was afraid she wouldn’t listen to him and would start hating him. Anupama reassures him that she can hate herself, but she could never hate him. She warns him that if he continues to repeat the same concerns, she might truly stop talking to him forever. Anuj explains that he did what he believed was necessary at that time.

Anupama acknowledges the need to make difficult decisions but emphasizes that time and circumstances play crucial roles. She asserts that if she were in his position, she would have made a similar choice. Now that everything is clear, Anuj wonders what comes next and if there is a solution to their problem. He acknowledges that they cannot stay away from each other indefinitely.

Anupama interrupts him, stating that he cannot leave Maaya and come back to her. Time has opened a path for him, which he must walk on, just as time has opened a path for her. She explains that time has given her two options: waiting indefinitely for him and turning into a stagnant stone or learning to move on. Despite societal expectations for women to wait, she has chosen to move forward. She has no complaints against him, as he has taken the responsibility of caring for Maaya, and now she will take care of herself. She believes that although they didn’t have togetherness, they did experience love, which is more than what some people get in life.

Anupama realizes that it’s late, and their families must be worried, so they should leave. She decides to go home alone, as he has instilled courage in her. As she walks away, her pallu gets entangled in his watch, but she manages to free it and continues walking. The song “Tere Liye” plays softly in the background as Anuj heads in a different direction.

Preview: Anuj directs his car’s headlights towards Anupama and approaches her. Maaya panics and accuses Anupama of trying to take Anuj away from her. Vanraj claims that Anuj is the one pursuing Anupama.

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