Anupama 2nd Jun 2023 Written Update c

Anupama: Rakhi took such a decision after hearing which Anupama was blown away, what will Paritosh and Kinjal do now!
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Leela accompanies Hasmukh as they exit Vanraj’s ICU room and informs Anupama that Vanraj wishes to see her. Hasmukh suggests that she doesn’t have to go if she doesn’t want to. Leela mentions that if she is here, she should go and meet Vanraj.

Vanraj hopes for Anupama’s arrival. Anupama enters the room. Vanraj expresses gratitude for her presence and apologizes for his past behavior. He acknowledges his mistakes and admits to not valuing relationships or showing respect to Anupama and Kavya as they deserved. Vanraj reflects on the unpredictability of life, realizing that despite thinking he was healthy and immune to heart attacks, he experienced one.

He acknowledges that Anupama holds a special place in his heart and regrets mistreating her. He believes that his suffering is a divine warning to change his ways, acknowledging that she may not believe him but apologizes sincerely. Anupama reveals that Kavya didn’t leave voluntarily but was forced to do so by Vanraj. She advises him to let go of the past and move forward, as life is about progressing. Vanraj continues speaking, but his heart rate becomes irregular. Anupama urges him to rest and leaves the room, earning Vanraj’s gratitude.

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Back at home, Leela prays for her son’s speedy recovery and asks Hasmukh if he received Samar’s call. Hasmukh responds negatively. Leela acknowledges that Hasmukh was correct in considering Anupama as the prosperity of their household, realizing their wrongdoings and facing the consequences. She defends Vanraj’s character as a good son, father, and brother but acknowledges that he has not been a good husband and is now suffering the consequences.

Leela points out that Anupama’s behavior changes for the better during tough times but reverts to her old ways once things normalize, prompting her to stop pretending. However, she believes that there is nothing wrong with seeking the happiness of their family, even though she admits her own wrongdoing.

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At the hospital, Pakhi breaks down while recalling Vanraj’s condition. Samar provides comfort, and Toshu expresses his guilt for causing disappointment and becoming a burden to his father. Pakhi also acknowledges her mistakes and expresses remorse. They all hug each other, acknowledging their shortcomings as children. Kinjal joins them, wiping away their tears and seeing three adorable kids who miss their father. Samar expresses gratitude to Kinjal for taking care of the family after their mother’s departure. Pakhi apologizes and thanks Kinjal as well.

Kinjal advises them to find happiness to make their parents happy. Pakhi believes that Anuj brings happiness to their mother. Toshu states that Anuj is completely missing, and Samar’s attempts to contact him have been unsuccessful. Kinjal suggests that Maaya might have done something extreme, and they are unaware of the situation. She decides to call Devika and ask her to gather information. Kinjal emphasizes the need for them to support their parents and become their pillars of strength.

Kanta informs Bhavesh that she contacted Devika, but even Devika and Dheeraj have no information about Anuj’s whereabouts. She prays for Anuj’s well-being wherever he is. Upon hearing Anupama’s arrival, she advises against discussing Anuj in front of her, knowing that Anupama is more concerned about him. Anupama wearily sits on the couch.

Kanta fans her and inquires about Vanraj’s condition. Anupama reveals that Vanraj had a minor heart attack but will be returning home in a few days. Bhavesh leaves to fetch lemonade for Anupama. Kanta remarks that fate is pushing Anupama towards someone she shouldn’t be with while taking her away from someone she should be with. Anupama clarifies that she went there not for Vanraj but for Hasmukh and the kids, stating that she doesn’t need Vanraj or Anuj anymore. The next day, Vanraj returns home, and Leela performs an aarti for him.

The family advises him to rest, but Vanraj insists on working to support the family financially. Anupama acknowledges that he is right about responsibilities not allowing a person to rest. Leela instructs Samar and Toshu to hide their father’s laptop, and Vanraj asks Anupama to come inside. Leela assures Anupama that she shouldn’t worry as she is part of the family. Anupama hesitantly enters the house, and Pakhi and Samar present a greeting to Vanraj. Leela asks Anupama to prepare khichdi for Vanraj, but Anupama declines. Leela decides to make tea for everyone and heads to the kitchen.

The entire family leaves, leaving Vanraj and Anupama alone. Anupama attempts to leave, but Vanraj requests her to stay, expressing his fear of something happening to him after the heart attack. Anupama advises him not to think that way, and Vanraj confesses his worry for his children and parents, stating that his parents won’t survive if he dies. He trusts only Anupama and asks for a promise from her.

Precap: Anupama informs Kanta that Kinjal has secured admission for her at the gurukul of Guruma Malti Devi, who is her admirer. Anupama arrives at the gurukul.

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