Anupama 3rd Jun 2023 Written Update d

Anupama: Rakhi took such a decision after hearing which Anupama was blown away, what will Paritosh and Kinjal do now!
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Vanraj confides in Anupama, expressing that his family is as dear to her as it is to him. He earnestly requests her promise to take care of his parents and allow him to pass away peacefully if something were to happen to him. Anupama wholeheartedly agrees to his request.

As the family returns, they notice a sense of unease on their faces, prompting Leela to inquire if something happened. Anupama explains that she must leave for her dance class, and Kinjal mentions her visit to Malti Devi’s Gurukul, as she had previously expressed her desire to do so in front of Kanta.

Kinjal adds that she has already submitted her application and Anupama only needs to attend the final interview. Leela curiously asks about Malti Devi, to which Samar responds that she is one of the world’s finest classical dancers, and Pakhi mentions her articles appearing in newspapers. Hasmukh adds that he has seen her interview.

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Nervously, Anupama admits that she feels inadequate standing before Malti Devi, comparing herself to a bathroom singer in the presence of Asha Bhosle Ji. She shares her past desire to attend Malti Devi’s classes during her college days, but Malti Devi had shifted and opened a renowned dance school named Gurukul. Samar mentions the numerous awards adorning Malti Devi’s house.

The entire family encourages Anupama to join Malti Devi, reminding her of her past dance experiences. Remembering her dance with Little Anu, Anupama agrees to give it a try. Feeling optimistic, Anupama leaves the Shah house and buys a baby crown, reminiscent of her earlier excitement about joining a dance school, reaffirming her determination.

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Upon returning home, Kanta asks if Vanraj has also returned. Anupama confirms his return and assures Kanta that he is fine now. Intrigued by Anupama’s happiness, Kanta inquires further. Anupama shares the news of Kinjal’s admission to her idol Malti Devi’s Gurukul. Kanta expresses her joy, highlighting how others idolized actresses while Anupama idolized Malti Devi. She assures Anupama that she will undoubtedly secure her admission and asks when she needs to visit the Gurukul. Anupama responds, saying it’s today itself. Kanta emphasizes the cultural significance of dance and encourages her. Bhairavi enters and questions Anupama’s preparations.

Anupama explains that, just as Bhairavi teaches her dance, she is now going to learn from a teacher, emphasizing the importance of a good teacher-student relationship. Bhairavi asks if she can accompany Anupama, who gladly agrees, admitting her nervousness. Anupama offers a heartfelt prayer to God and delivers a speech about her excitement.

Meanwhile, Vanraj reminisces about his confrontation with Kavya before leaving. Kinjal enters, ready for work, and provides Vanraj with medicine, instructing Leela to prepare a lighter meal for him. Toshu suggests Kinjal take a leave given the family’s condition. Anupama intervenes, acknowledging that everything can be managed without her presence as she has already completed the major tasks.

Toshu insists that Anupama would have handled everything better and criticizes Kinjal for securing Anupama’s admission in Malti Devi’s dance school, questioning the purpose of Anupama learning dance at her age when she herself owns a dance school. Kinjal becomes upset. Anupama, filled with excitement, gets ready and arrives at the Gurukul with Bhairavi. The song “Besabriya…” plays in the background. Kinjal tells Toshu that their attitude caused trouble between Anuj and Anupama, emphasizing how they burden her with their problems and responsibilities.

She defends Anupama’s long-awaited dream coming true. Vanraj agrees, recalling how he and Leela prevented Anupama from joining a dance school years ago, and encourages her to pursue her passion now. Anupama steps into the dance school, accompanied by Bhairavi, expressing admiration for its grandeur. She offers a prayer to Natraj.

Precap: Malti Devi informs Anupama that her Gurukul is located in America, and thus, Anupama must relocate there for a three-year contract. Malti Devi declares that Anupama can only progress if she can break the shackles of her current relationships or else she must leave the Gurukul. Meanwhile, Samar receives a message from Anuj stating his attendance at Samar and Dimple’s wedding with Maaya and Little Anu.

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