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Anupama: Rakhi took such a decision after hearing which Anupama was blown away, what will Paritosh and Kinjal do now!
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Gurumaa Malti Devi requests Anupama to craft a dance story within a span of 5 minutes and present it before her. Nakul questions Gurumaa about the exhaustion she might feel while meeting numerous contestants in a single day. Gurumaa assures him that she knows her job well. Nakul expresses his concerns about the short duration of 5 minutes for creating a story.

In response, Gurumaa states that while it may seem brief to the world, it is not the case for a woman. She emphasizes that a woman possesses the ability to put a child to sleep with a lullaby at night and awaken the divine in the morning, make tea five times in five minutes, and make decisions within the same timeframe. Therefore, she believes that a woman can certainly create a story. Bhairavi inquires Anupama about her plan, to which Gurumaa questions the identity of the girl.

Nakul reveals that she is the daughter of a vegetable vendor who has been living with Anupama since her father’s demise. Gurumaa inquires how he came to know about it, and Nakul explains that he made inquiries. Anupama anxiously prays to Kanhaji for inspiration, realizing that she must find it within herself. She closes her eyes and reflects upon the events of her life. Gurumaa interrupts, announcing that the time is up and asks if Anupama is prepared. Anupama responds with a confident “yes.”

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Leela persistently tries to reach Anupama, wondering if she went to meet Malti Devi or a prime minister. Anupama gracefully dances to the song “Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Meri Maa,” beautifully portraying the bond between a child and mother. Bhairavi expresses her support, while Gurumaa becomes emotional witnessing Anupama’s performance and stops her. Nakul guides the students to accompany Anupama away from there and settles Gurumaa in a comfortable position.

He praises Anupama’s mesmerizing performance, claiming that it has been years since he witnessed something so captivating. He likens her performance to Lord Natraj’s divine dance and admits being completely engrossed in it, failing to notice Gurumaa’s emotional response. Nakul asserts that it is challenging to find a gem like Anupama and suggests that Gurumaa consider her for their grand USA tour.

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Anupama nervously awaits outside, hoping that Gurumaa selects her. Bhairavi speculates that perhaps she did not perform well, thus ruining Anupama’s chances. Anupama reassures Bhairavi that she performed admirably. Nakul informs Anupama that Gurumaa is summoning her. Anupama walks towards Gurumaa, who expresses her high expectations and acknowledges that Anupama exceeded them.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Anupama requests permission to touch Gurumaa’s feet as a gesture of respect. Gurumaa grants her request, and Anupama expresses how it feels as though the 12-year-old Anupama is dancing in front of Gurumaa’s photograph, making her dream come true. Anupama continues to express her excitement, but Gurumaa interrupts her, explaining that a student is always the shadow of her guru/teacher and accompanies them wherever they go.

She discloses that the main branch of her gurukul is located in the USA and that Anupama needs to stay there with her, performing on her behalf. Gurumaa suggests that Anupama can bring Bhairavi along. Additionally, Gurukul will cover Anupama and Bhairavi’s expenses. Consequently, Anupama must sign a three-year contract and cannot meet her family during that time. Anupama stands speechless.

Leela notices Samar, who is elatedly informing Dimpy that their wedding has been scheduled for the next month. Dimpy shares in his joy. Leela continues attempting to contact Anupama. Gurumaa expresses her belief that people often idolize women and confine them within the household. She discusses the societal pressure on women to sacrifice for men and emphasizes the importance of breaking free from such constraints and growing independently.

Gurumaa asserts that Anupama can only join the gurukul if she can break free from the shackles of her family and move forward. Dance, she explains, is a form of penance that cannot be performed with the burden of a mother-in-law and children. Gurumaa presents Anupama with the contract documents, emphasizing the need to carry a bag of talent instead of an emotional baggage on this journey.

Bhairavi informs Anupama that she received a call from Leela. Malti gazes at Anupama and gives her the opportunity to take time to think. Anupama declares that she has always prioritized responsibilities over dreams but today, she will choose her dreams. She signs the contract, reminiscing about past events. The song “Lakshya Ko Har Haal Me Paana Hai” plays in the background.

Precap: Leela informs the family about her upcoming visit to the USA. The family celebrates the news. Samar reveals that Anupama messaged him, stating that she will be attending the wedding with Maaya and Little Anu.

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