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Anupama: Rakhi took such a decision after hearing which Anupama was blown away, what will Paritosh and Kinjal do now!
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Anupama fervently prays to God, seeking synchronization in her dance performance before Gurumaa Malti Devi. Afterwards, she proceeds to fill out a form, where she notices a man donning a traditional dhoti kurta. Meanwhile, Leela receives a call from Panditji and reacts with shock. The family inquires about the reason for her reaction. Leela discloses that Panditji has fixed Samar and Dimple’s wedding date after a month. Kinjal remarks that Vanraj should recover by then. Vanraj assures them that he will be fit within a month. Leela suggests postponing the wedding for a year, allowing Samar to gain some clarity. Samar questions why they should wait for a year.

Leela explains that Panditji mentioned either one month or one year. The family agrees to make arrangements within a month and suggests seeking Anuj’s assistance in managing the wedding expenses. Vanraj insists that they, as Samar’s parents, will handle the expenses and proposes informing Anupama about it. Hasmukh assures that they will only inform her and not pressure her into getting involved in the arrangements. Kinjal congratulates Samar, shedding tears of joy and expressing her happiness for her best friend and brother-in-law’s wedding.

A man approaches Anupama and inquires if she is Anupama. Anupama confirms her identity and admits she doesn’t recognize him. The man introduces himself as Nakul and reveals that he considers Gurumaa Malti Devi as his mother. He escorts Anupama to meet Gurumaa. Anupama stands captivated as she witnesses Gurumaa gracefully dancing with her students to an energetic song. Enthusiastically, Anupama applauds the performance. Gurumaa notices her and Anupama reverently touches her feet. Gurumaa stops her and states that she doesn’t know her. Anupama asserts that she is Gurumaa’s student even without formally meeting her, as she learned dance by watching her. Gurumaa questions why Anupama came there if that’s the case.

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Anupama explains that relationships are formed through personal encounters. Unyielding, Gurumaa remarks that she doesn’t form any relationships. Anupama emphasizes that there exists a bond between a teacher and student, an idol and admirer, a mother and child, and more. Gurumaa wipes her face with an embroidered handkerchief and takes a seat. Anupama excitedly presents Gurumaa with a similarly embroidered handkerchief as a guru dakshina (a token of respect and fees). Gurumaa insists that guru dakshina should be of the guru’s choosing, and Anupama agrees.

Pakhi returns home brimming with happiness. Barkha inquires about the reason behind her joy. Pakhi reveals that Anupama has secured admission in Gurumaa Malti Devi’s prestigious dance school. Barkha expresses disbelief, citing Gurumaa’s status as a renowned classical dancer. Pakhi asserts that anything is possible. Barkha finds solace in the fact that Anuj won’t be returning.

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Pakhi counters Barkha’s statement, stating that Anuj will attend Samar and Dimpy’s wedding in a month. Adhik reacts to the insult hurled at his sister, but Pakhi promptly silences him with a fitting retort, further enraging him. Barkha believes it’s for the best if Anupama becomes occupied with the dance school and diverts her attention away from Anuj. Gurumaa instructs Anupama to dance, causing her nervousness to escalate.

Gurumaa asserts that a woman finds solace and happiness while dancing in a closed room. Anupama agrees. Meanwhile, Leela repeatedly calls Anupama, growing increasingly angry when her calls go unanswered, resorting to her usual profanities. Gurumaa continues her speech, giving Anupama five minutes to prove herself. Anupama stands tense.

Precap: Malti Devi reveals to Anupama that her gurukul is in America, and therefore, Anupama must relocate there with a three-year contract. Anupama can proceed only if she can break the shackles of her existing relationships, or else she must leave the gurukul. Samar receives a message from Anuj stating that he will attend Samar and Dimple’s wedding with Maaya and Little Anu.

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