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Anupama: Rakhi took such a decision after hearing which Anupama was blown away, what will Paritosh and Kinjal do now!
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Anupama graciously returns the signed contract to Gurumaa Malti Devi and expresses her gratitude. Gurumaa urges her to begin preparations for their trip to America and to ensure that both Anupama and Bhairavi have their passports ready. Anupama and Bhairavi rejoice, as this trip to America will fulfill Anupama’s long-held dream.

Meanwhile, Samar and Dimpy share the joyous news of their impending marriage by offering sweets to their family. Dimpy embraces and thanks Leela for arranging their marriage, apologizing for her past behavior. She humbly requests Leela’s wholehearted participation in the wedding ceremony. However, Leela, as usual, criticizes Anuj and Anupama for shirking their responsibilities and burdening the Shah family with expenses.

Nakul congratulates Anupama and warmly welcomes her to the Gurukul family. He presents her with a booklet containing the terms and conditions and instructs her to send her passport and visa documents to the Gurukul administration. Bhairavi wonders if Gurumaa is always angry. Nakul admits that he initially held the same impression but later realized that Gurumaa possesses a kind and compassionate heart. Bhairavi inquires about Nakul’s duration of stay with Gurumaa.

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He shares that he has been with her since childhood and describes how fortunate he feels to be Gurumaa’s student. He urges Anupama and Bhairavi to be present at the Gurukul the following day at 7 a.m. sharp for their training. Bhairavi pledges to arrive even earlier, at 6:30 a.m. Gurumaa observes them from a window.

Filled with excitement, Anupama returns home and eagerly informs Kanta and Bhavesh. Kanta performs an aarti (a Hindu ritual of worship) to celebrate Anupama’s return, stating that she had a premonition of good news. Anupama reveals that she has signed a three-year contract with Gurumaa and that both she and Bhairavi will reside in the USA Gurukul during that period, with Bhairavi’s education being taken care of by the Gurukul.

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Kanta and Bhavesh are overjoyed. Anupama expresses her concern about whether she made a hasty decision in signing the contract. Kanta reassures her that she has spent half her life waiting for her dreams to come true and that it is time for her to live those dreams now. Anupama wonders how they will manage in her absence. Kanta suggests that they can visit each other periodically, ensuring they stay connected. Bhavesh adds that their dream of traveling by flight will finally be realized.

At that moment, Leela calls Anupama urgently, requesting her immediate presence at the Shah household. Anupama inquiries if something is wrong, to which Leela responds that it pertains to Samar’s wedding. Concerned, Kanta asks what has happened now. Anupama informs them that she needs to visit the Shah house to discuss Samar’s wedding arrangements.

Upon reaching the Shah house, Leela informs Anupama that Samar’s wedding has been scheduled for the upcoming month. Due to her old age, Leela requests Anupama to handle the wedding preparations. Vanraj assures Leela that they will manage everything. Samar and Dimpy seek Anupama’s blessings and inquire about her gurukul visit. Anupama happily shares that she has been selected and has signed a three-year contract. The entire family rejoices at the news.

Anupama reveals that she will now fulfill what she couldn’t do for years by going to America for three years, accompanied by Bhairavi. The younger members of the family celebrate while Vanraj and Leela appear saddened. Pakhi playfully adorns Anupama with a basket of vegetables in a gesture of festivity. The song “Jugni Udi…” plays in the background as Anupama blushes. Leela expresses her happiness for Anupama but emphasizes the importance of a mother’s presence in her son’s life.

Samar acknowledges Leela’s point, but he asserts that a mother’s dreams are also significant. Leela then changes her tone, stating that she and Vanraj had prevented Anupama from going to America years ago, but she will not hinder her anymore or feel guilty. The entire family shares encouraging words with Anupama. Meanwhile, Dimpy receives a message from Anuj and stands shocked. The family asks what has happened, and Samar reveals that Dimpy has received a message from Anuj, stating that he will attend the wedding with Maaya and Little Anu.

In the preview, Leela informs the family that guests will arrive for a pre-wedding pooja (a ritualistic ceremony) that evening. Anupama tells Kanta that even Anuj will be present. Anuj corrects Anupama’s sandals and gazes at her with deep emotion. The song “Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata, Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata…” plays in the background.

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