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Anupama: Rakhi took such a decision after hearing which Anupama was blown away, what will Paritosh and Kinjal do now!
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Samar informs the Shah family that Anuj messaged Dimple, stating that he will attend their wedding along with Maaya and Little Anu. The Shahs question why he is coming and who told him that the wedding is next month. Dimpy reveals that she informed Anuj, and he agreed to come, claiming to be from the bride’s side. Anuj offered to cover 50% of the expenses and participate in 50% of the wedding functions at the Kapadia house, including the bidaai/farewell ceremony. Vanraj questions the seriousness of Anuj’s intentions, considering it a joke.

Samar and Toshu support Vanraj’s skepticism. Leela asks Dimpy why she contacted Anuj, to which Dimpy explains that she simply informed him about the wedding, and he decided to attend. The Shahs continue to criticize Dimpy. Anupama realizes that there will be a wedding, her visit to the USA, and Anuj’s visit within a month. This time, she resolves not to let anyone hold her back and decides to go for herself.

A month later, Pakhi creates a hashtag for Samar and Dimple, #SAMPLE. Samar asks if there are no other options for a hashtag. Toshu jokes that they themselves are like samples. Kinjal suggests it’s better than the alternative hashtag, #DIMSAM. Samar insists on changing it, but Kinjal informs him that they don’t have enough time left as the wedding is tomorrow.

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Anupama arrives late at the gurukul. Gurumaa punishes her with a cane, stating that it’s the second time she’s been late. Anupama apologizes, but Gurumaa emphasizes the need for discipline rather than apologies. Gurumaa had previously mentioned that she didn’t want any emotional baggage and that if Anupama wanted to attend her son’s wedding, she was free to leave. Gurumaa instructs Nakul to cancel Anupama’s contract, declaring that Anupama is no longer her student.

Anupama wakes up from her dream, realizing it was just a nightmare. She wakes up Bhairavi, who has transformed into a different person, and urgently informs her that they must reach the gurukul on time, or they will be expelled. Anupama quickly gets ready, finishes breakfast, and asks Kanta where she kept her song pendrive. Samar calls her and requests her to ask the others to change the hashtag as it sounds funny. Anupama agrees and informs Kanta that Anuj will also be attending the pooja tonight.

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Leela places a crown on Samar’s head, resembling Lord Krishna. Kinjal compliments Samar’s appearance, while Toshu teases him. Leela expresses her happiness with Samar, except for the fact that he hasn’t brought a daughter-in-law of his choice. The family changes the topic and indulges in jokes. Leela mentions that guests will be arriving tonight, and Hasmukh thinks that Anuj will also be coming. The family, except for Kinjal, expresses their displeasure with Anuj’s visit. Vanraj believes that Anuj is coming to cause trouble for Anupama again.

Toshu is angry that Anupama did everything for Dimpy, yet Dimpy is showing loyalty to Anuj instead. Kinjal questions why Toshu is bothered, stating that Anupama and Anuj are mature enough to handle their problems, so he shouldn’t worry. Toshu brings up a previous conversation where he didn’t receive a reply from Kinjal, and she confirms that her answer is still no.

Anupama arrives at the gurukul and witnesses Gurumaa scolding the students during the class. Bhairavi remarks that Gurumaa will kick them out today. Anupama recalls her nightmare. Gurumaa notices that Anupama is three minutes late and pushes her out, instructing her to stand on one foot until she stops her. Anupama obeys the command. Dimpy informs Ankush that Anuj sent all the gifts but is staying at a hotel himself.

Barkha explains that Anuj would feel uncomfortable with Anupama’s presence, which is why he chose to stay at a hotel. Ankush insists on bringing Anuj home, but Barkha and Ankush advise against it. Ankush mentions that he will inform Anuj about the losses they incurred in their business. He states that if Anuj doesn’t come and take over the business, they will be left with nothing. They prepare themselves for the pooja happening later in the evening.

Gurumaa verbally lashes out at Anupama, reminding her not to carry the baggage of her family. Anupama explains that it’s her son’s wedding, but Gurumaa delivers a long speech about how families marry off their sons when they are unemployed or have strayed from the right path. Anupama asserts that she is a mother first and has to take care of her son.

Gurumaa questions why a mother has to sacrifice her career for her son and why her son doesn’t have any other relationships. Gurumaa warns that if Anupama is three minutes late, she will be three hours late next time, and her gurukul will not suffer because of Anupama’s personal problems.

Gurumaa threatens to cancel the contract if this happens again. Anupama promises to be punctual, and Gurumaa asks her to repeat it loudly, giving her a final chance. Anupama glances at her watch, and Gurumaa sarcastically suggests that she go and attend her son’s functions. Anupama invites Gurumaa to her son’s wedding, expressing that she would appreciate her blessings.

Anuj corrects Anupama’s sandals and gazes at her emotionally. The song “Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata, Jatana Bhi Nahi Aata” plays in the background. Vanraj observes them with jealousy. Anupama asks Little Anu why she is behaving strangely, but Little Anu ignores her and walks away with her parents.

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