Dheere Dheere Se 25th May 2023 Written Update: Brij Mohan and Savita’s Concern

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In a surprising turn of events, a clandestine romance between Abhi and Dimple takes center stage, sending shockwaves through their respective families. This thrilling tale of forbidden love and elopement has left everyone in a state of disbelief. As tensions rise and accusations fly, both families are caught in a web of intrigue and uncertainty. Let’s delve into the gripping details of this unfolding drama.

Abhi’s Desperate Move

Abhi, driven by his overwhelming love for Dimple, finds himself torn between his heart’s desires and the disapproval of his parents. Faced with the challenge of keeping their relationship a secret, Abhi decides to take drastic measures. He discards a torn hand carry bag and ponders the complexity of his situation, fully aware that his parents would never approve of their union.

Brij Mohan and Savita’s Concern

Brij Mohan, sensing the depth of Abhi and Dimple’s connection, suggests showing Shekhar’s photograph to Dimple, hoping she would reconsider her decision to marry a man of their choosing. Savita agrees, and they plan to approach Dimple in the morning. However, they are surprised to find her room empty, with only carefully arranged pillows on the bed. Unsatisfied with this discovery, they continue their search.

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The Mysterious Disappearance

Bhawna, Abhi’s confidante, grows concerned when she realizes that both Abhi and Dimple are missing. She searches for Abhi in his room but finds it devoid of clothes. Unable to reach Abhi through his phone, she reaches out to Raghav for assistance. Together, they discover Dimple’s absence and decide to embark on a quest to find the young lovers.

The Fateful Encounter

As Bhawna and Raghav set out on their search, their actions do not go unnoticed. Swati, a keen observer, witnesses their departure and quickly informs others. The tension escalates as Raghav and Bhawna’s car refuses to start, adding to the urgency of the situation. Meanwhile, Abhi and Dimple find themselves on a bike, contemplating the consequences of their actions.

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Accusations and Chaos

Brij Mohan, seizing the opportunity, confronts Raghav about taking someone else’s widow out on an excursion. Misunderstandings ensue, fueled by Swati’s manipulations, and accusations are hurled at Bhawna and Raghav. Amidst the chaos, the families struggle to comprehend the truth behind the elopement and the magnitude of the unfolding drama.

Dimple and Abhi’s Dilemma

Dimple confides in Abhi, expressing her fear of their families’ wrath. She predicts that her father, in his anger, will send the police after them, potentially leading to Abhi’s incarceration. Anxious and overwhelmed, Abhi questions why Dimple didn’t voice her concerns earlier. Dimple counters, questioning his knowledge of her family dynamics and asking why he pursued their love if he was so scared.

The Blame Game

The tension reaches its peak as accusations are thrown from all sides. Babu ji points fingers at Bhawna, blaming her for orchestrating this entire affair. Raghav intervenes, proclaiming Bhawna’s innocence and shifting the blame onto Dimple and Abhi. The families become embroiled in a heated exchange, exposing their underlying biases and grievances.

Revelations and Repercussions

Amidst the chaos, Bhawna finally speaks up, revealing the true extent of Dimple and Abhi’s love for each other. The families stand shocked and speechless, forced to confront the reality of their children’s relationship. However, the blame game continues, with Malini accusing Bhawna of provoking her son and instigating this reckless elopement.

The Rift Widens

As emotions run high, a deep divide emerges between the families. Savita vehemently opposes giving their daughter’s hand in marriage to such a household. The blame shifts to Raghav, who defends himself by stating that they never anticipated Dimple and Abhi’s actions. Gaurav and Malini also share their perspectives, further fueling the animosity.


The elopement drama surrounding Abhi and Dimple unfolds with shocking revelations, bitter accusations, and a growing divide between the families. As the tension reaches its zenith, the fate of this forbidden love remains uncertain. Will Abhi and Dimple’s audacious act lead to their happiness or be the catalyst for irreversible consequences? Only time will tell how this enthralling tale of forbidden romance concludes.

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