GHKKPM: Will their children Vinayak and Savi bring Virat and Sai closer? Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Episode Written Update 22 August 2022

Friends, you are going to see people in the upcoming episode of Star Plus’s popular serial Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein.
These days a mountain of sorrow has fallen in the Chauhan family, due to which both Virat and Sai are living separately from each other for a long time. But now their children have grown up a bit who now want to see their mother and father together.

That’s why Sai’s daughter Shavi has also started searching for her father. Yes, even though now Sai has stopped her by consoling that she will meet her father soon, just like the Ramayana that Sita Maiya says.

To his son Luv Kush that he will soon have a vision of his father, in the same way, Sai also here does not keep his daughter away from his father for a long time, brother and soon you will get to see that Virat will meet his daughter. But he will not recognize him, although where Virat’s daughter wants to become an officer or a police officer just like her father. The same Virat and Sai’s son wants to become a big doctor like his mother, so in the coming episodes you will see That Virat’s daughter has now started questioning her mother Sai to meet her father, that too continuously.

So on the other hand the Chauhan family gets upset because Virat has gone on a mission to us. And there he gets a call from Vinayak, who, without caring for his life, talks to his son on a video call.

Whatever the story for Bitta, her son is doing well in his school and that is why Virat starts talking to her on video call without caring for his life. On the other hand, soon Virat is going to reach the camp where Sai will also be present as a doctor and Virat will reach as a police officer where training will be taking place.

And there Virat will meet his daughter but Virat will not be able to recognize her, but when she is seen in the talk, she is going to come in front of these two with that girl. Stay connected with the website to get full details of upcoming episodes

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