Kundali Bhagya 26rd May 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Ketan’s mother requests Mahi to entertain them until Pandit jee arrives, considering their connection to the entertainment industry. Daljeet agrees, acknowledging the exceptional talent of both her daughters. She recalls watching Mahi’s captivating dance performance to the song “Everybody Can Dance.” Mahi playfully teases Daljeet about her language skills, and Daljeet expresses her belief that Mahi will be as beautiful as her mother. Mr. Khurana notices Palki’s anxiousness and her search for someone. He inquires if she is waiting for someone, and Palki mentions Rajveer, but then quickly adds that she was merely looking around.

Mahi begins dancing to a lively song, while Ketan and Palki sit in front of her. The atmosphere fills with joy as everyone rejoices in Mahi’s performance. However, Palki’s attention is fixed on Rajveer, who stands beside Preeta. Gurpreet wonders about the change in Palki’s emotions, as she was previously quite emotional but now appears to be smiling upon seeing Rajveer. Daljeet joins in the dance, and Mahi takes Palki and Ketan to the dance floor, accompanied by Preeta and Gurpreet. Meanwhile, Rajveer remains standing in a corner, observing everyone.

Mahi pulls Palki to the front, and they dance together before the song concludes. Daljeet embraces both Palki and Mahi. Pandit jee greets everyone, and Daljeet invites them to take a seat as the engagement ceremony is about to begin. She brings the Thali and informs Pandit jee that all the preparations have been made. Pandit jee applies the tika to both Ketan and Palki, and Ketan’s mother presents the engagement ring, requesting Palki to extend her hand. Palki, however, looks back at her family and Daljeet insists she turn around so Ketan can place the ring on her finger and complete the engagement. As Palki gazes at Rajveer, she recalls the incident in the jewelry store when he accidentally put the ring on her finger. Nevertheless, Ketan manages to put the ring on her finger, while Rajveer struggles to control his emotions.

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Daljeet then asks Palki to take the ring and she carefully picks it up, turning slowly toward Ketan. Pandit jee instructs Palki to put the ring on the groom’s finger, and they both raise their hands to fulfill the engagement ritual. Rajveer, unable to control himself, turns away. Meanwhile, everyone congratulates Palki and Ketan. Preeta approaches Palki, embraces her, and admires the ring. Daljeet suggests celebrating the moment by bringing out the sweets. Palki notices Rajveer walking away, while Mahi rushes to him and insists he try some sweets. Rajveer takes a piece but keeps looking back at Palki, who also gazes at him. Finally, Rajveer walks away.

After getting ready, Rajveer steps out, and Gurpreet praises him for being quick while mentioning that Mohit takes a long time to prepare. Rajveer wonders about the strange feeling and pain he is experiencing. He tries to deny it but finds it difficult to let go of these emotions. Rajveer takes out a video of the dance at the engagement and focuses on a photo of Palki. Mohit comes out and comments on how his mother never allows him to get ready peacefully.

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Mohit asks Rajveer what’s going on, but Rajveer continues staring at Palki’s photo. Mohit insists on knowing the truth, and Rajveer admits that he has feelings for Palki. Mohit gets excited, but Rajveer requests him to ensure that nobody finds out about his feelings in the near future. Gurpreet approaches, asking what’s happening between them. Mohit explains that he was merely complaining about not being able to prepare peacefully. Gurpreet exclaims that they should all leave. Rajveer appreciates Mohit and departs.

Simmi expresses her delight at seeing the outfits worn by everyone, while Mr. Khurana worries about the preparations. Spotting Rajveer, he asks him to take care of the DJ and caterers. Mohit grabs Rajveer, but Rajveer tries to find a way to distance himself from Mohit. Rajveer finally spots Gurpreet and asks her to assign some work to Mohit. She instructs Mohit to take care of the guests. Mohit wonders where Rajveer went.

While walking, Rajveer sees Palki in a room and approaches her to fix the lights. Palki notices his presence and becomes nervous, while Rajveer can’t help but gaze at her. He reminisces about the time when he stood up for her at the jewelry store. Rajveer signals to Palki that there’s something on her forehead that needs fixing. Unable to find it herself, Palki allows Rajveer to correct it. He places the bindi on her forehead. Rajveer compliments her, stating that he has never seen a more beautiful bride.

Rajveer mentions that his aunt, Gurpreet, applied kajal to protect against the evil eye. He applies kajal behind Palki’s ear as well. Palki asks if she truly looks beautiful. Rajveer expresses sadness at the thought of not being able to see her in the future. Palki becomes emotional, and Rajveer asks why she feels tense when she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Palki explains that she has a sense that everything will come to an end after today, which scares her. Rajveer advises her not to go through with the marriage upon hearing this, shocking Palki. Simmi enters the room and questions what’s happening. Rajveer and Palki quickly move away from each other and wipe away their tears. Daljeet follows Simmi into the room and asks if Palki is ready. She instructs Simmi to bring the Thali for the Pooja to Pandit jee.

Gurpreet notices Rajveer standing there, while Daljeet offers to help Palki with her dupatta. She asks Rajveer to check the lights. Daljeet and Gurpreet assist Palki in wearing the dupatta, while Rajveer continues to stare at her as he fixes the lamp. Palki is also nervous and finds it hard to take her eyes off him. They both keep exchanging glances.

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