Kundali Bhagya Written Update 14th May 2022

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 14th May 2022 Episode Start :‘Kundali Bhagya’ was shown that Srishti insults Sherlyn and says that she is a witch. She advises Preeta to be cautious and not to get found out in Sherlyn’s psyche games. Preeta conciliates him and says that Sherlyn can not hurt anybody. Preeta says that she knows that both Sherlyn and Prithvi are terrible.

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Today

Preeta lets him know that when she was passing before Sherlyn’s room, she saw Rishabh’s image crying in her grasp. Preeta says that perhaps Sherlyn has changed for Rishabh. Rishabh additionally adores Sherlyn however when we educated him he was tanked. All the difficulty is a direct result of this in particular. Preeta becomes stressed while Srishti requests that Preeta stay with her.

By then Preeta gets Karan’s call and Preeta asks him where he was. While Karan apologizes to Preeta for detaching the telephone, Preeta tells him not to stress over anything. Preeta and yet says what is happening is deteriorating consistently and what would it be advisable for her she do now. Karan lets Preeta know that he will continuously accompany her. Karan tells her I love you.

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Preeta quiets down imagining that she was at last ready to converse with Karan. Whenever Sudeepa was leaving the medical clinic, the specialist comes and lets Viren know that nobody needs to come inside the room as Sandeep will give an assertion in the emergency clinic.

After the specialist leaves, Sudeepa feels that something is different in the medical clinic today. When Prithvi comes inside through the front entryway, Preeta goes to Rakhi’s room in the house to check whether Pihu is dozing or not. At the point when she sees him dozing, she guarantees herself that she will before long bring Rishabh for Rakhi.

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