Kundali Bhagya Written Update 17th May 2022

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 17th May 2022 Episode Start :‘Kundali Bhagya’ was shown that Ranbir reproves Riya for the things said at the morning meal table. Rhea says that she would rather not completely accept that that all is well by remaining in obscurity as she can see what’s going on among Prachi and Sid. Ranbir is irate with Riya. Ranbir says that he thinks she has changed however it was his shortcoming. Rhea attempts to incite Ranbir against Prachi and Sid. Riya lets Ranbir know that anything she told Ranbir is valid. All of a sudden Prachi comes there and asks, ‘Which truth?’

Kundali Bhagya Written Update Today

Tanu and Aaliya talk about Pragya that she called and found out if they were supporting Gaurav’s plan or not. Aaliya demands that nobody faults her and gets a call from Gaurav that he has proof that effectively defends Abhi. Aaliya falls before Pragya to get Abhi out on the bail. Tanu insults Pragya not too far off.

Prachi comes to meet Rhea and Ranbir. Ranbir lets Rhea know that he is enamored with Prachi. Riya says ‘It’s right, appreciate the same length as it is’ and leaves from that point. Prachi conciliates Rhea and says that adoration won’t ever change as her needs will continuously continue as before. Here, Pragya takes nourishment for Abhi. Abhi asks Pragya what occurred with Gaurav? At this moment I feel extremely constrained. Pragya commits her prosperity to Abhi and takes care of him.

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Prachi feels something peculiar yet she’s not sure what’s going on. Prachi is agitated about Rhea’s unusual way of behaving and Ranbir attempts to appease her. Pragya claims that Gaurav is the genuine offender and on second thought of giving verification, he needs to snatch the whole business and property. Here in prison, Abhi says that he would rather not be the justification behind Pragya’s ruin. Both offer an enthusiastic bond together. Sushma calls Pragya and tells her not to stress. Pragya imparts to him that there is pride behind everything.

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