Kundali Bhagya Written Update 18th May 2022

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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 18th May 2022 Episode Start :‘Kundali Bhagya’ was displayed in the court that Preeta goes to the attorneys and tells that she additionally has proof. She demands to stop the trial and allow Sandeep to be brought inside the court. Simultaneously, Prithvi and Sherlyn get disturbed, as they can’t pay attention to Preeta’s words. The legal counselor says in the court that he has whatever proof, which can end up being useful for Rishabh. He takes Sandeep’s name yet nobody comes inside. Here, Kareena appeases Dadi and consoles her that today everybody will carry Rishabh with her home.

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Prithvi then recalls how he seized Sandeep on the grounds that he had cheated. Every one individuals staying there and Preeta becomes stressed as Sandeep isn’t apparent. Preeta and Sameer go external the court to track down him. Preeta lets Sameer know that perhaps Prithvi misunderstands entirely accomplished something with Sandeep.

Preeta and Sameer together track down Sandeep and get some information about Sandeep. Sundeepa tells Preeta that Sandeep was remaining here some time back yet he vanished before the consultation. Preeta is anxious about the possibility that that Sandeep has tricked her for cash. Preeta requests that Srishti see Sandeep at different places and goes to court so she can show different verifications too. After this Preeta herself goes to the observer box and shows the video in which Sandeep is seen strolling easily.

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However, the appointed authority says that she can’t demonstrate that she is Sandeep. Preeta begins stressing that the adjudicators begin breaking her certainty. Bakshi reproves Preeta that she has come to court without evidence. Preeta requests that he demonstrate that he can’t walk. The adjudicator tells Preeta not to burn through the court’s time and submit other proof for Rishabh. Preeta stresses as the adjudicator requests that the police arrest Rishabh till the following hearing.

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