Kundali Bhagya Written Update 19th May 2022

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 19th May 2022 Episode Start :‘Kundali Bhagya’ was shown that Preeta makes sense of for Rakhi that she will fix everything and will get back home with Rishabh. Sameer comes simultaneously and says that she is working really hard by mollifying Rakhi. Simultaneously, Prithvi becomes furious as he doesn’t get to have very much familiarity with Preeta’s arrangement. Prithvi sees Sherlyn and inquires as to whether she is familiar with Preeta’s arrangement? Sherlyn is now furious, so she overlooks Prithvi and goes on. Preeta lets Rishi know that now they should protect Sandeep so Prithvi doesn’t realize that he will give an assertion in court.

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During this, Prithvi goes to Sandeep’s emergency clinic room and takes a cushion in his grasp. He attempts to kill her however before that Sandeep awakens. Sandeep inquires as to whether he can bring cash. Prithvi says that he will give cash subsequent to hearing in court. Sandeep tells her that he doesn’t trust her. As Prithvi leaves the room, Sandeep calls Preeta and tells that Prithvi had come to the space to kill him.

Preeta guarantees him that he will be protected and he will be free subsequent to hearing in the court. Sandeep thinks during this that why he purchased the difficulty. Next morning Preeta lets Pihu know that she will actually want to meet Rishabh today. Here, Prithvi inquires as to whether she has a lot of insight into Preeta’s proof. However, she says that she can’t really understand.

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In the mean time, everybody readies Rishabh’s #1 dish. Sherlyn stresses that Prithvi will enlighten everybody concerning his unfortunate behavior patterns. Police carries Rishabh to the court and Rakhi grins seeing him. The adjudicator says before the meeting that he has an extraordinary data which will help Rishabh. Prithvi gets stunned knowing this.

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