Kundali Bhagya Written Update 1st April 2022

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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 1st April 2022 Episode Start :It is displayed in ‘Kundali Bhagya’ that Prithvi gives the plate of love to Srishti and she leaves from that point. Karan stops Srishti and attempts to clean things off of her. Prithvi gives the plate of love to Karan. Preeta asks him for what good reason did he hand over the plate to Karan. Prithvi says that he had failed to remember that she is presently the new fancy woman and he gives the plate containing the bombs to Preeta. Prithvi feels that Preeta will bite the dust today and he will dispose of her until the end of time.

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While chatting on the telephone, Shambu sees that a coconut has fallen there and he requests one from his own individuals what it is. He told her that it was a bomb. Shambu says that he has proactively given the bomb to Prithvi. He calls Prithvi and requests that he delay the puja as the bomb is with him and the arrangement will fizzle. Prithvi yells at Shambhu however at that point the pandit requests that the ladies hang tight for 30 minutes more. Prithvi recalls how he paid the pandit to get it called.

Prithvi gives everybody the plan to mess around. Sherlyn asks Prithvi what is this new show going on. Prithvi lets him know that Preeta doesn’t have the first bomb, so she should postpone Pooja until the coconut is supplanted by the first bomb.

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Everybody begins playing Truth Dare together. Dare is given to Natasha that she ought to engage every one individuals. She requests that Karan hit the dance floor with her. Seeing the two of them moving, Preeta gets envious. Srishti hauls Preeta to Karan and Karan falls in Preeta’s arms.

Karan lets Preeta know that he simply needed to know whether he would truly fall, then, at that point, Preeta would allow him to fall or save him from falling. Karan says that he knows reality now.

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