Kundali Bhagya Written Update 27th May 2022

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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 27th May 2022 Episode Start :Nowadays new contorts are coming in Kundali Bhagya. Karan has given the obligation of Kritika’s bangle service to Preeta. Preeta lacked the ability to decline him regardless of whether she needed to. Then again, Akshay welcomes her to meet him outside the Luthra house. Hearing Akshay’s words, Preeta blows a gasket and slaps him. All of you have seen this, presently in the impending episode it will be shown that Preeta arrives at the inn with the relatives to reveal Akshay’s post, where Megha and Akshay are remaining.

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Whenever Preeta goes inside the inn and finds out, the assistant of the inn says that nobody by this name has remained here. Preeta is stunned to hear this that how could this occur. In any case, when everybody begins leaving from that point, the assistant tells that Akshay is in this lodging. Preeta arrives at Akshay’s room with everybody. Seeing everybody together, Akshay claims to be terrified and doesn’t answer when Preeta gets some information about Megha. On seeing the entire room, Preeta doesn’t track down anybody right away, however at that point she hears a sound from the washroom.

Kritika likewise begins addressing Akshay. After this Rakhi breaks the connection among Kritika and Akshay simultaneously and says that she is persuaded that he is certifiably not a decent kid. On this, Kareena’s auntie tells him not to take any choice unexpectedly early. Preeta calls the housekeeping individual and gets the washroom entryway opened, yet there is nobody there. Then, at that point, Akshay’s relatives come there and talk about breaking his relationship with Kritika. After which Kareena apologizes to every one of them and instructs them not to do as such.

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In the last episode you saw that Sameer follows Akshay. He sees Megha and Akshay going to the lodging together. He provides Preeta with the total subtleties of both. Preeta chooses to take the whole family to the inn to uncover Akshay.

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