Kundali Bhagya Written Update 29th March 2022

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 29th March 2022 Episode Start :In ‘Kundali Bhagya’, Preeta says that Mahesh ought to live with everybody except Prithvi says that Mahesh’s state of mind isn’t great, so he should remain in the cellar according to the specialist’s recommendation. Preeta requests that Karan bring Mahesh home from his room and says that he will change with the family.

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Every other person additionally requests that he do likewise and carries them from the cellar to the house. Natasha asks Preeta for what valid reason she is stressed over the family. Preeta advises him to continue to work and do anything he desires. They take Mahesh to the room. Prithvi acts like the amount he really focuses on Mahesh yet he needs to disprove Preeta. He leaves the room and inhales a moan of alleviation recalling that Mahesh won’t recuperate soon as the impacts of the medications will proceed.

Preeta feels that the battle with Prithvi won’t be simple yet she will win. She feels that Prithvi will make an honest effort to annihilate her arrangement. So she feels that she needs to accomplish something other than what’s expected. Prithvi proceeds to tell Preeta that Mahesh is a patient so he realizes that he should remain in the storm cellar.

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Preeta lets Prithvi know that he is frantic, not Mahesh. Karan gives water to Mahesh and Prithvi lets Preeta know that his choice isn’t right. Prithvi tells Karan that Preeta’s choice isn’t right and Mona was outlined. Karan says that Preeta is correct. Sherlyn says that Preeta won’t ever harmed Mahesh.

Kritika says not too far off that she used to have confidence in Preeta however not so much anymore. While Kareena additionally faults Preeta, Rakhi begins crying there. Preeta prepares nourishment for Mahesh. Preeta says that she needs Mahesh to be with everybody so she can recuperate. Like Mona, another person can likewise give meds to Mahesh. Rakhi says that she believes Preeta and anything she will in all actuality do will be correct.

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