Kundali Bhagya Written Update 29th May 2022

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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 29th May 2022 Episode Start :Huge exciting bends in the road are coming in Kundali Bhagya. Preeta makes an arrangement to uncover Akshay yet his entire arrangement flips around. Presently Preeta is resentful about how the dice got turned. Then again, Karan gives the obligation of Kritika’s bangle function to Preeta as her gathering is likewise around the same time. Presently in the impending episode it will be shown that while Preeta needs to uncover Akshay, then again Karan gives her the obligation of the chode service.

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Karan needs to leave the city because of his work, so Sherlyn and Mahira will make the most of this open door. The forthcoming episode will be all the more bang. Akshay needs to get back at Preeta so he calls her to meet him. Preeta denies, however Preeta needs to go to meet Akshay more than once. Akshay meets Preeta outside the Luthra house and says that he needs to wed Srishti. Finding out about the marriage, Preeta flies off the handle and slaps him. Presently it is intriguing to witness what will straightaway.

In the last episode you saw that Preeta had shown photographs of Akshay and his family during the Haldi function, which makes everybody extremely cheerful and furthermore adulates Preeta’s shock. Afterward, this question continues to annoy Preeta that how did the trading of photographs occur.

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Till now you have seen that Preeta returns home and stops the Haldi service in the center and lets everybody know that she needs to show everybody something about Akshay. Akshay gets frightened in the wake of paying attention to Preeta. Yet, when the photographs come on the projector, there is certainly not a solitary photograph of Akshay and Ruchika in it. In all the photographs, Akshay is looking spotless and straight. No one gets anything. Preeta gets stunned seeing this.

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