Kundali Bhagya Written Update 2nd April 2022

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 2nd April 2022 Episode Start :In ‘Kundali Bhagya’ Rakhi carries Mahesh to Lohri festivities. Karan wears a turban and notification that Preeta is wearing a dress of his #1 shading. She searches for Karan yet Karan covertly attempts to prod her. He out of nowhere shows up before Natasha and says that his arrangement to consume Preeta is fruitful. Natasha lets Karan know that she doesn’t have Karan’s #1 shading dress, so she didn’t wear it.

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Karan says that anything he said requested that Preeta be scorched, it was not significant. Afterward, Karan attempts to converse with his dad yet Mahesh doesn’t remember him. Rakhi says that Mahesh is feeling awkward among such countless individuals around there.Kareena and Sameer are glad to see Mahesh’s further developing wellbeing. Karan lets Preeta know that his dad just knows Preeta.

Sherlyn blows up seeing that Prithvi has moved to Kritika’s room. Experts take an interest in the Holi festivities of the Luthras and request that Prithvi expand the hour of love. Specialists say that it will require some investment to make the bomb. As the specialists leave, he moves toward Preeta, who as of now takes a gander at him dubiously. Karan acclaims Preeta’s look, to which Preeta asks him not to be a tease.

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Karan lets Preeta know that she can gaze at him however much she needs. She leaves from that point and figures that next time she ought to likewise respond to Karan’s words. Natasha asks Karan what might occur in the event that he had come in his life before Preeta. Karan gets upset that he couldn’t in fact consider something like this. Natasha trusts that soon she will make Karan her sweetheart.

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