Kundali Bhagya Written Update 30th March 2022

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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 30th March 2022 Episode Start :It is displayed in ‘Kundali Bhagya’ that Natasha gives her hand to Preeta and requests that she get up. However, Preeta will not take help and says that Karan needs assistance and she awakens. Sameer says that Karan’s group has won. Dadi says that this isn’t right in light of the fact that the opposition was among Karan and Preeta. In any case, others likewise participated.

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Srishti requests that Karan and Preeta play once more. Karan and Preeta start the back-and-forth. Karan lets Preeta know that she ought to have proactively acknowledged that she will lose. Preeta answers to Karan that she has not lost at this point. Prithvi here believes that in the event that Preeta wins, this will be his last game and he will end up being the proprietor of Luthra industry. Preeta dominates the match and everybody applauded her. By then the specialist comes and Rakhi acquaints Preeta with the specialist.

Rakhi lets Preeta know that she is Mahesh’s PCP. Prithvi believes that the specialist shouldn’t realize that Mahesh’s wellbeing is getting better from the outset. Preeta says that she will converse with the specialist at their facility and Preeta sees that Sherlyn is coming from outside the house. Here, Prithvi gets some information about the coconut bomb. Karan attempts to pay attention to him. Nagre changes the issue and Karan asks why he is acting so peculiarly.

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Shambu comes and gives the genuine coconut bomb to Prithvi and Prithvi replaces the genuine coconut with the bomb coconut. Prithvi asks pandit ji to begin the puja. Sherlyn proceeds to give the plate to Preeta. Preeta and Karan love together. In any case, Prithvi stops them and requests that they love independently.

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