Kundali Bhagya Written Update 3rd April 2022

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 3rd April 2022 Episode Start :In ‘Kundali Bhagya’ Kareena, Natasha and Sherlyn accumulate in the lobby and talk about the power cut in their room. Prithvi and Girish go to see the reason why the power has gone. Preeta says that Girish isn’t an electrical technician so nobody should yell at him. She helps everybody to remember her timetable and says that in the event that somebody doesn’t adhere to her guidelines, they won’t get nourishment for the entire day.

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She requests that Girish cut off the power for the entire day in the event that everybody doesn’t come for breakfast at 8 am. Then again, while cleaning up in the restroom, Karan begins shouting when the water out of nowhere goes out. Preeta pours water on Karan to wash off the cleanser. She slips and the heartfelt snapshot of the two beginnings. Preeta leaves the restroom and advises herself that she needs to control herself and work to find Rishabh and learn about Mahesh’s psychological well-being.

Karan inquires as to whether she felt unique when the two of them were close in the restroom. Preeta answers no, till then Bani comes there and asks what’s going on. Bani asks Preeta for what valid reason she requested that Girish cut off the power in everybody’s rooms. Preeta says that this is a house and not a lodging that everybody needs to adhere to a specific guideline. Natasha assists Karan with enlivening the blossoms in the lobby and lets Karan know that she enjoys him as well.

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Karan lets Natasha know that he just hit the dance floor with his significant other to consume her. He requests that Natasha assist him with consuming Preeta. Natasha lets Karan know that during this she can likewise come near him and Karan shouldn’t disapprove of this. Karan gives his assent and starts chuckling noisily with Natasha seeing Preeta coming towards him.

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