Kundali Bhagya Written Update 5th May 2022

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 5th May 2022 Episode Start :‘Kundali Bhagya’ shown that Sonakshi continues to trust that the messenger kid will see Preeta’s pregnancy report. When the conveyance kid comes, Sonakshi opens the entryway and takes the report from the conveyance kid. Whenever Sonakshi is going to open the report, the conveyance kid stops her and says that this is Preeta’s report and no other person can open it.

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Sonakshi disregards him and opens the report once more. Be that as it may, she is come by the conveyance kid again and by then Rishabh comes and asks what’s going on. The conveyance kid lets him know that Sonakshi is opening the report which is against their arrangement. Rishabh becomes irate at Sonakshi and takes the report from her hands. He tells the dispatch kid that he will give the report to Preeta. Sonakshi becomes furious and thinks about how might she see the report now.

Rishabh leaves from that point and searches for Preeta and Karan to report. Sonakshi additionally pursues him to see what is in the report. Sherlyn sees Sonakshi and inquires as to for what reason is she behind the report. Rishabh can’t track down Preeta and Karan so he puts the report on the table which Sonakshi takes. Sonakshi chances upon Preeta while leaving the room and gets frightened that Preeta may not see the report however by then Rakhi calls Preeta.

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Sonakshi races to her room with the report. Here, Preeta goes down the stairs to check whether the report was conveyed or not. Preeta is stressed over the report. Then again, Sherlyn goes to Sonakshi’s room and grabs the report from her hands. Sonakshi attempts to get the report back from him. Sherlyn asks him for what valid reason he is stressed over the report.

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