Kundali Bhagya Written Update 8th April 2022

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 8th April 2022 Episode Start :It is displayed in ‘Kundali Bhagya’ that Preeta gives a show and discourse at Prithvi’s party. She tells about Luthra Construction House exhaustively about Luthra Township Project. She discusses a sumptuous house in a basic cost for the average citizens. She says that in this garden region will likewise be given for the kids so they will be keen on eating their developed vegetables.

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Preeta further proposes a few additional thoughts which incorporates running region. All of a sudden a financial backer gets some information about Mahesh Luthra’s vanishing from business gatherings and gatherings, to which Preeta answers that Mahesh Luthra has enjoyed some time off. Samar tells Karan that Preeta is preferred and more inventive over Prithvi. After Preeta’s show, the MLA and the financial backer let Preeta know that they realize that the Luthra municipality was an undertaking of Prithvi and it was pricey.

Preeta remedies them and says that Prithvi works inside them and is extremely youthful. She further concludes that Prithvi won’t be a piece of this task by any means and guarantees MLA that this lodging venture will get additional votes from the average citizens. Everybody is dazzled by Preeta’s venture and finishes the arrangement. Here, Kritika and Kareena blow up on seeing Karan treating Preeta with adoration. Sherlyn, Natasha are terrified at the party as Prithvi is absent from the party.

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Sherlyn advises Nagre to adore Preeta savagely. Nagre says that he saw Srishti putting a tissue on Prithvi’s mouth because of which he blacks out. Simultaneously, Janki helps him in moving Prithvi somewhere else. Nagre says that Preeta has compromised him and she will show the clasp to the police on the off chance that he doesn’t help her in the party.

Sherlyn chooses to get back at Preeta. Sameer attempts to converse with Srishti however she attempts to conceal the sentiments by acting peculiarly. Afterward, Rakhi kisses Srishti on her cheeks and attempts to do it after that.

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