Maitree 25th May 2023 Written Update

Maitree Written Update
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Harsh openly expresses his deep emotions for Maitree, courageously asking her hand in marriage. Maitree’s response is met with silence, leaving the room tense with anticipation. Harsh bravely acknowledges his understanding of her affection towards him, urging her to introspect and reveal her true desires. Caught off guard, Maitree confesses that she was completely unprepared for such a proposition, leaving her in a state of surprise.

Recognizing the significance of this decision, Maitree reveals her need to discuss the matter with her father, Dinesh. Harsh, relieved that Maitree has not rejected his proposal outright, prevents her from fleeing, keen to know her ultimate decision.

Maitree confides in Harsh, explaining the necessity to consult her parents due to her past marriage experience, which caused great turmoil within her family. Harsh promptly contacts his mother, informing her of his potential bride and cordially inviting both his parents to join him. In a lighthearted remark, Harsh jests that since Maitree had expressed interest in involving their parents, he took the initiative to involve his own. Maitree then makes her exit.

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Sadhana guides Sachin and Princy on the intricacies of the rituals performed by a married couple. Upon entering the house with Princy, Sachin seeks Sadhana’s blessings. Maitree extends her sincere wishes to Sachin and Princy, hoping for their marital bliss.

After witnessing Sachin and Princy’s union, Sadhana eagerly sets her sights on arranging Maitree’s marriage as soon as possible. However, Dinesh respectfully requests that Sadhana allow Maitree to make her own decision regarding marriage. In response, Sadhana confidently asserts that Harsh is a suitable match for Maitree.

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Harsh experiences a joyful surprise when his parents unexpectedly arrive to see him. The sight of his parents fills Harsh’s heart with immense happiness. Harsh’s mother inquires about her prospective daughter-in-law, prompting Harsh to disclose his past connection with Maitree. He briefly mentions Maitree to his mother, leaving Madan to ask Harsh whether he had matched their Kundalis, to which Harsh chooses to remain silent.

Meanwhile, Nandini pays a visit to Sona, who notices her friend’s troubled state. In a conversation centered around Maitree, Nandini recounts the events that unfolded during the wedding ceremony. Sona advises Nandini to focus solely on her own marriage, encouraging her to let go of any concerns related to Maitree. Nandini says her piece and departs, seeking solace elsewhere.

Sadhana and Dinesh make preparations to warmly receive Harsh and his parents. They extend a heartfelt welcome to the arriving guests. Sadhana engages in conversation with Harsh’s mother, while Maitree approaches Harsh’s mother to express her desire for a private discussion.

Harsh’s mother reveals that Harsh has already apprised her of Maitree’s past and assures Maitree that they hold no reservations. Dinesh meets with Harsh’s mother, suggesting that the topic of marriage be postponed for the time being. However, Harsh’s father, Madan, strongly disagrees, emphasizing his role as a priest and the alignment of Harsh and Maitree’s Kundalis, stating that their marriage should be expedited without delay.

Madan declares that the wedding will take place within three days, leaving the Mishras utterly astonished. He presents an ultimatum, expressing that if they agree to the marriage, it must be solemnized within the specified timeframe; otherwise, the marriage will not proceed. Madan acknowledges that three days may seem insufficient, considering the preparations required, but maintains his stance. With that, Harsh’s family departs from the scene, leaving the Mishras to contemplate their decision.

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