Suhaagan 27th May 2023 Written Update a

Suhaagan Written Update
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The episode commences with the kidnappers yelling at Payal while they hold her captive. One of the kidnappers wonders aloud about their destination. Spotting Bindiya riding a bicycle, they decide to approach her for directions. The lady asks Bindiya if she knows of a place without a police checkpoint, explaining that they need to reach there quickly as her mother is unwell. Bindiya confirms her knowledge of such a place and provides them with directions. Payal overhears their conversation and attempts to shout, but the other lady covers her mouth.

Bindiya prepares to leave as the car drives away, but just then, Payal shouts, calling out “Bindi,” and looks back from the car. Bindiya hears Payal and glances at her, recognizing her face. She cries out “Pallu.” Meanwhile, Dadi grows concerned for Bindiya, realizing that she should have returned by now. She begins to pray for divine assistance.

Bindiya hurls a mud glass at the car’s mirror, shattering it. The driver loses control, veering off to the side. Police officers who had previously been served tea by Bindiya hear the sound of breaking glass and instruct a constable to investigate. The constable arrives at the scene. Upon seeing the police, the kidnappers hastily drive away. Bindiya pleads with the constable to stop the car as her sister is still inside.

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Phoolwati and Bhim celebrate upon witnessing their farm burning. Phoolwati expresses her belief that the harvest will no longer yield any crops, and Bindiya will be left with nothing but ashes if she attempts to sell the farm. She remarks that this incident will make them realize their solitude and the absence of support. Accidentally, Phoolwati’s dupatta catches fire, causing her hand to sustain a minor burn. Bhim promptly removes the dupatta and extinguishes the fire.

Phoolwati suggests they preserve it as evidence. They depart from the scene. Bindiya implores the inspector to search for her sister, informing him that she guided the kidnappers to a route without police checkpoints. She confesses that she was unaware they would lie about their mother’s condition. The police inspector arrives in a car. Spotting the police jeep and the checkpoint on the other side, the kidnappers abandon the car, leaving Payal inside, and flee on foot.

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The constables apprehend them. The inspector instructs Payal to exit the vehicle, but she hesitates due to fear. Bindiya calls out to her, bringing a smile to Payal’s face. She steps out and embraces Bindiya warmly, accompanied by a melodious song.

Bhim and Phoolwati return home. Phoolwati urges Bhim to destroy the dupatta. Rolling it into a ball, she tosses it onto the terrace. Bindiya inquires if their mother and aunt are aware of Payal’s existence. Payal tearfully replies, and Bindiya assures her that she can share whenever she feels ready. The inspector credits Bindiya’s cleverness for Payal’s rescue. Bindiya requests the inspector to drop them off along the way as they need to retrieve their father’s bicycle, mentioning his advice not to trouble anyone.

Bansi arrives at Madan’s house, issuing threats. Bindiya expresses her disbelief at their despicable actions after hearing Payal’s revelations. She mentions hearing her aunt claim that she became a mother after acquiring them. Payal discloses the hardships she endured, including excessive work, hunger, and scolding. She reveals that it was all an act and asks why Bindiya didn’t come to retrieve her.

Bindiya explains that she had left home to bring Payal back, but Bhim’s ploy was meant to distract her so that Bua could sell the farm. Bindiya recounts how she managed to save the farm, sharing details about Phoolwati’s challenge. She apologizes to Payal and implores her not to leave her side. Payal promises to stay with her. They begin their journey back home, with Payal asking why Bindiya was present there at night. Bindiya advises her to consider it as God’s intervention. They depart.

Bansi remarks that he came to bid goodnight and instructs Rekha to prepare a drink with ice cubes. Rekha complies, and Bindiya and Rekha proceed home. On their way, they hear about a fire at the farm. They rush to their property and find it engulfed in flames, with villagers attempting to extinguish the fire. Kaka approaches them, conveying the devastating news that their farm has been burnt. Payal corrects him, saying, “Our farm is burnt,” while tears well up in their eyes.

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