Udaariyaan 10th May 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 10th May 2022 Episode Start :As you have seen such a long ways in Udariyaan Latest Episode, Jasmine discovers Tejo and Fateh in the act. Jasmine’s blood bubbles subsequent to seeing Tejo and Jasmine together. Jasmine furiously attempts to kill Tejo. Angad Mann intercedes and saves Tejo.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Angad Mann takes Jasmine’s class. Angad Mann converses with Tejo after Jasmine leaves. Tejo grins subsequent to hearing Angad Mann’s words. In the mean time, another uproar is going to emerge in the sequential Udaariyan. In the forthcoming episode of Serial Udariyaan Upcoming Episode you will see, Fateh will conciliate Jasmine.

Fateh will say that Jasmine ought not be so irate at the hour of marriage. Then again, Fateh Mann will likewise attempt to play with Tejo. Sukhbir will indeed attempt to persuade Fateh. Fateh will adhere to his choice.

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Tejo and Angad Mann will get ready for marriage
Tejo will wear the wedding band to Angad Mann before Fateh. Angad Manam will give a costly ring to Tejo on the event of the commitment. Seeing Tejo and Angad together, snakes will begin moving on Fateh’s chest. Fateh will lament over and over however he will be constrained before the circumstance.

Fateh will wed Jasmine
Fateh will be devastated after Tejo and Angad Mann’s commitment. Jasmine will make the most of this open door. Jasmine and Fateh will before long go to the gurudwara and get hitched. After marriage, Fateh will show something new to Jasmine. Fateh will won’t go to Canada. Not just this, Fateh will likewise stay away from Jasmine.

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