Udaariyaan 11th April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 11th April 2022 Episode Start :Episode starts with Jasmine who hasn’t reached home till evening, for whom Tejo and Angad go out to find where the weather is bad as well as it is raining, when suddenly Jasmine’s car stops, then Jasmine confronts the driver. She says what happened, then the driver says, I don’t know, you keep sitting, I do something. Here Tejo and Angad are searching for Jasmine. On the other hand Fateh is also stuck on the way.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Just then some goons come near Jasmine’s car and start harassing Jasmine, then Jasmine starts running after opening the car gate and the goons start chasing Jasmine, here Tejo gets a call from the cab and he talks all over to Tejo. Tells then Tejo asks Jasmine’s last location, then he tells Haripur, then suddenly Tejo’s eyes fall on Fateh who is carrying Jasmine in her lap, Tejo keeps watching to see where Fateh makes Jasmine sit in the cab. And says leave them at their house. After that Fateh leaves with his car.

Here Tejo has also got down from the car, then Jasmine also comes to see Tejo, then Jasmine stops the car by telling the driver. Then Tejo says what is all this you and Fateh then Jasmine does no-no don’t get it wrong last night some goons ran after me due to sudden car breakdown then Fateh saved me. Then Tejo asks Jasmine to sit in the car then Angad says don’t think wrong if you don’t believe then go and find out inside then Tejo goes inside then Jasmine asks Angad what Tejo went inside to do then Angad says catching your lie then Tejo comes out and says we should go early, Papa’s rally is going to come out somewhere in which we have to attend, then all sit in the car and walk and come home.

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In the morning Tejo and his father leave for the rally where Fateh’s family lives on one side and Tejo’s family members, then Rupi Singh Sandhu and Sukhvir Singh Birk share their respective shares, only then Rupi Singh Tejo is found on the pamphlet lane. And Tejo goes to get the pamphlet, only then she finds Jasmine on the way, then Tejo says you are here, then Jasmine says that I did not feel like being alone at home, then I also came then Jasmine asks Tejo Then Tejo says to take the pamphlet, then Jasmine says wait, I will bring it, then Angad also sees Jasmine, then Jasmine goes to get the pamphlet, only then she sees American, then Jasmine thinks to go and talk to Amrik, then suddenly Jasmine gets into a collision with a woman.

On the other hand, Amrik leaves from the tent and Fateh goes inside, here Jasmine thinks that Amrik is inside, then Jasmine goes inside and without seeing I love you, then Fateh sees and says what the hell are you doing then? Jasmine says I thought I am American then Fateh says here is not American, you go out immediately otherwise if someone sees then what will you think then Jasmine says I have to talk to you also then Fateh says no, then you go out Jasmine goes outside, here Tejo goes to Sukhbir and says forgive me, I did not know that my father is also contesting against you, then Tejo again sees Jasmine and Fateh talking.

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