Udaariyaan 12th April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 12th April 2022 Episode Start :Episode starts with Tejo in which Tejo apologizes to Sukhbir Singh and says that I did not know that my father has also stood against you in this election. Jasmine tells Fateh to forgive Tejo so that it should not happen. In the fight of both of you, take a third advantage, after that Jasmine goes away.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Then Fateh comes to Tejo and says what are you doing here, you belong to the opposition party, it is not right for you to stay here, after that Fateh says anyway your and our relationship is over, then Tejo leaves from there. . Then Abhiraj comes to Tejo, he says give your ID. Tejo goes to get the ID but she does not get her purse, in which her ID and the belongings remain. Then Angad says what happened, then Tejo says that I lost my purse in which I had my ID, then Angad says no problem, there is a CCTV camera installed here and let’s look in it.

As soon as the CCTV camera is being checked, Tejo sees Fateh and Jasmine going into the tent and wonders what these people are doing there, then Angad tells Tejo that Jasmin cannot be as it seems, understanding America. She must have gone to the tent, then Tejo tells Angad that this cannot happen, there is definitely some thing or the other.

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Here, there has been a lot of misunderstanding between Tejo and Fateh, when Fateh’s message comes to Tejo, in which Fateh wants to meet Tejo, Tejo also says that I have to meet too. After that Tejo leaves to meet Fateh when Angad goes to see Tejo and comes after Tej. Here Tejo and Fateh meet, in which Tejo immediately asks Fateh what is going on between you and Jasmine, then Fateh is telling you what is wrong with me, then Tejo says no, I am only asking what I have seen.

Then as soon as Fateh tries to tell, Angad reaches there. Fateh gets angry seeing Angad and starts knowing without telling the truth to Tejo, then Angad tries to stop Fateh in which Fateh raises his hand on Angad, only then Tejo tells Fateh that it is enough for you after that Tejo hands Angad’s hand. Falls and takes it away.

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Sukhbir Singh Virk’s and Rupi Singh Sandhu’s party were rallying together since morning, when there is a fight between the two parties, then Fateh and Tejo start to rescue him, when a pen drive falls from Fateh’s pocket, which a man drinks. goes . Then Fateh explains everyone and brings them from there.

Then here Sukhveer Singh Virk’s party is called to present the video in the party office, then Fateh starts looking for that pen drive, only then the man comes and tells Fateh Sir, is this your pendrive, then Fateh says yes brother. Later, Fateh finds that pen drive in the laptop, in which the good works of Sukhvir Singh are visible.

Then suddenly the video of Fateh and Tejo’s Holi day starts playing in which both of them were together in the same room, seeing that both the parties sitting there and the family members from Fateh along with Tejo’s family are surprised and everyone is standing. becomes.

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