Udaariyaan 1st April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 1st April 2022 Episode Start :Episode starts with Fateh in which Fateh searches his phone to talk to Tejo but he does not get the phone and he goes to the hall to pick up the phone when Jasmine goes to Fateh’s room to find the letter. And searches for the letter but she does not find the letter, then suddenly her attention falls in the cupboard where the letter was kept, then Jasmine goes to that cupboard and tries to open it as soon as

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Then Fateh gives voice from behind, Jasmine, what are you doing in my room, Jasmine panics immediately, after that she says, mother had asked for the size of your ring, then Fateh says that you should ask me directly, what is the need to come to my room like this There was a need, come on, if I am about to meet my mother, then I will give it, then Jasmine says okay. After that Fateh calls Tejo and says I want to meet you then Tejo says we can’t meet right now then Yuvraj’s of Tejo comes and says Gurpreet Aunty’s call came, he has called to do soaping. Fateh says that I have done gambling, then Tejo says it is fine, we will meet after that Fateh hangs up the phone.

After that Fateh leaves with his keys and purse, after that everyone meets in a mall to buy clothes and here Jasmine is upset for that letter, then she realizes that Fateh is drinking at home, otherwise this is the right time to search. And then Jasmine again goes to Fateh’s room Jasmine sees Candy in Fateh’s room and Candy opens the same cupboard in which that letter is kept, then Jasmine says Candy, what are you doing, so Candy says Mama has asked for paper When Jasmine says to make a ship, go well then Candy takes away that letter along with a book.

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After that Jasmine starts searching for that letter but she does not get that letter, Jasmine gets very upset here Fateh and Tej are buying clothes for themselves, here Jasmine is thinking that Tejo’s life is not spoiled due to this letter of mine. He goes and calls Amit to tell him about the letter, but he does not get the call, after that Jasmine remembers Wahe Guru ji and says, show me some way, after that everyone came home after sopping.

After that, Gurpreet calls Jaimin to see the clothes, when Kandy was flying it by making a ship of the same letter, suddenly that ship comes near Jasmine and falls, then Jasmine feels that it is not the same letter and picks it up as soon as it is. Then Mahi snatches it, then Jasmine is olti, what will you do on this ship, American brother, we fly it, after that Jasmine gets upset if this letter does not fall on American or Mahi, after that American flies it and that ship Fateh falls near.

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