Udaariyaan 23th May 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 23th May 2022 Episode Start :As you have seen such a long ways in Udariyaan Latest Episode, Fateh reports that he will wed Jasmine. Tejo gets a major shock subsequent to knowing this. Tejo goes out when Diwali is finished.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Sukhbir attempts to persuade Tejo however she doesn’t pay attention to anybody. Then again, Fateh attempts to conceal his heart from everybody. Fateh fail to really see the reason why he is so annoyed with Tejo. In the interim, a major bend is going to come in the tale of sequential Udaariyan.

In the sequential Udariyaan Upcoming Episode, you will see that Fateh will be devastated subsequent to knowing reality with regards to Jasmine. Fateh will suffocate himself after Tejo leaves. Fateh will recollect Tejo consistently. Seeing Fateh’s condition, his sister will become extremely disturbed. Fateh’s sister will let him know what is in his heart. During this, Fateh will comprehend that he has begun adoring Tejo. Tejo has the right young lady for him.

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Fateh will pass on Tejo to talk his heart out. In the mean time, Angad Mann will arrive at Tejo. Angad Mann will take extraordinary consideration of Tejo during this time. Angad Mann will begin enjoying Tejo. Not just this, Angad Maan will likewise begin longing for wedding Tejo. Angad Mann will send his connection to Tejo’s home. Knowing this, Fateh will get a major shock.

Fateh won’t really accept that that Tejo will wed Angad Mann. In such a circumstance, it will be fascinating to see how Fateh will stop the marriage of Angad Mann and Tejo.

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