Udaariyaan 24th May 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 24th May 2022 Episode Start :Till now you have seen in Udariyaan Latest Episode, Tejo gets frightened due to the assault at Diwali party.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Tejo goes out and consumes her home. Jasmine gets extremely blissful knowing this. Without any relatives, Jasmine arranges a party. Jasmine’s arrangement turns out badly on account of Fateh’s loved ones. Fateh’s mom censures Jasmine furiously.

Then again, Tejo breaks seriously when it is away from Fateh. In the mean time, a major wind is going to come in the sequential Udaariyan. Next you will find in the sequential Udaarian Upcoming Episode, Fateh will be exceptionally disturbed after Tejo leaves. Fateh will be persuaded that he has experienced passionate feelings for Tejo.

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Fateh will secure himself his room. Then again, Angad Maan will deal with Tejo. Angad Mann will make Tejo drink juice. Tejo Mann’s face will bring a grin subsequent to hearing Angad Mann’s words. In the sequential Udaariyan, Fateh’s sister will clarify for him that he is enamored with his significant other. This is the explanation that Fateh isn’t feeling like in his own home.

Fateh will likewise be persuaded of this in the wake of paying attention to his sister. Fateh will pass on to meet Tejo. At home, Fateh will see Tejo and Angad in the room together. Fateh will be shattered in the wake of seeing Tejo and Angad Mann together. In such a circumstance, it will be intriguing to perceive how Fateh will communicate his adoration to Tejo.

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