Udaariyaan 25th May 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 25th May 2022 Episode Start :Till now you have seen in Udariyaan Latest Episode, Tejo’s Diwali party is gone to by many stars of TV world. When Tejo arrives at the party in camouflage. Then again, Angad Mann plays a ton with Tejo.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Jais burns down Tejo’s party. Like attempts to consume Tejo alive. Because of the fire, there is disarray all over. Simultaneously, Fateh and Angad Maan save Tejo’s coexistence. Angad Maan is going to turn into a legend by saving Tejo’s life. In such a circumstance, a major change will occur in Tejo’s life in light of Angad Mann.

Next you will find in the sequential Udaarian Upcoming Episode, Tejo will swoon after the assault. Fateh will bring Tejo home. The relatives will be glad to see Tejo. When she recovers awareness, Tejo will come clean about Jasmine to Fateh. This time Fateh will blow up at Jasmine. Fateh will get Jasmine to spill every one of the insights concerning Jas and his association. Then again, everybody will commend Angad Mann a ton.

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Tejo’s family will begin feeling that Angad Maan is the ideal counterpart for Tejo. The Sandhu family will even beginning discussing Tejo and Angad Mann’s marriage. During this, Fateh will understand that Tejo is the ideal counterpart for him. Fateh will begin getting desirous of Angad Mann to him.

During this, Fateh will comprehend that he is currently enamored with Tejo. In such a circumstance, it will be fascinating to perceive how Fateh will talk about his heart to Tejo.

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