Udaariyaan 26th March 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 26th March 2022 Episode Start :Episode starts with Ruppy Singh’s anger, Ruppy Singh comes out of the house showing anger on Fateh and Satti Kaur Angad also comes after him, when Tejo from the terrace, seeing her father’s anger, calls Angad and calls inside. He then speaks to Angad. Papa is very angry, you will handle him, then Angad speaks to you, don’t worry, I will take care of you.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Tejo then goes to the roof of the run, there Ruppy Singh tells Fateh to come out, Fateh was staying outside Ruppy Singh’s house, Tejo came out of Fateh camp on the shout of Ruppy Singh, seeing all this from the roof. It was then that suddenly Tejo’s father Ruppy grabbed Fateh’s collar, seeing this Tejo’s mother Angad Tejo was shocked, then Ruppy Singh tells Fateh that if you truly love Tejo, then get out of Tejo’s life. . Then Fateh says with folded hands that it cannot happen Uncle ji, I want to marry Tejo, I want to take him to my house. Then Ruppy Singh Tejo’s father says that this will never happen.

Tejo calls Jasmine, she says you guys come here early and take Fateh, Papa is very angry. Then Jasmine says that we are coming here Tejo is crying on the terrace after seeing all this, then Fateh speaks to Ruppy Singh, now the time has come to tell how much I love Tejo, then he starts walking on the road like this. There is a car coming from the front, but Fateh does not move, then suddenly Tejo’s mother sees and says to Tejo’s father, stop Fateh, then Tejo Fateh Fateh starts shouting and says stop, Tejo comes down running from the roof. And starts running after Fateh, there Fateh stands in the middle of the road, from there a truck blows the horn for a long time and asks Fateh to move but Fateh does not move, then the truck comes near Fateh, then suddenly Angad Everyone comes in front of the truck and saves Fateh by pushing them, seeing this, everyone gets very upset and then everyone comes running and picks up Fateh.

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On the other hand, Ruppy Singh is worried about Tejo’s father horoscope. Here Fateh, so everyone seems to be wondering what you are doing, then Fateh comes to Tejo, then Tejo holds Fateh’s hand and puts it on his head and says, you will never do this again, after that Tejo goes towards the house crying. Is. After that Fateh’s brother gives voice to Fateh, then Fateh runs to his brother, then both of them hug crying and then he says that you do not do anything like this, I will not be able to live without you, then Fateh says it is okay, I will not do it. After coming to Tejo’s house, Jasmine also comes after him, then Tejo hugs Jasmine and says crying that if something happened to Fateh today, I would have died, then Jasmine tells Tejo that you have gone mad. It has not happened to Fateh, he is absolutely fine.

On the other hand, Fateh’s mother Gurpreet Singh slapped Fateh and said if you want to do something like this, give me poison before that, then Fateh says no, mother, don’t say that and starts accepting the mistake by holding the feet, only then it comes to know that Fateh has a little fever. Everyone wants to take him home but doesn’t want to go to Fateh, then Gurpreet Fateh’s mother says you have to forget Tejo, then Fateh says how can I forget Tejo, I love Tejo very much and speaks until Ruppy Uncle Don’t forgive me, I won’t go, then Tejo asks her to leave with folded hands, just like Fateh suddenly feels dizzy and falls unconscious.

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After that Tejo’s mother and family start mistrusting Tejo’s father, after that Guppy Tejo’s father told the horoscope to all the family members, if Tejo and Fateh were right, then one of them lost his life. Hearing this, everyone was very upset and surprised, so I do not want to let both of them get married. After that Tejo’s mother takes food for Tejo, but Tejo says that I am not hungry, I will eat it later, on the other hand, Fateh’s family took him away and are explaining to Fateh. Gurpreet tells Guppy that your Tejo is incomplete without Fateh.

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