Udaariyaan 28th April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 28th April 2022 Episode Start :Till now you have seen in Udariyaan Latest Episode, Jasmine shows her companion Sweety the tashan of cash.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Out of nowhere huge load of cash comes to Jasmine. Then again, Tejo arrives at the petroleum siphon where Fateh works. Fateh conceals seeing Tejo. After which Tejo begins searching for Fateh. In the mean time, there will be an uproar indeed in the sequential Udaariyan. In the impending episode of Serial Udariyaan Upcoming Episode you will see Tejo and Angad Maan living it up at their home.

Tejo and Angad Mann will draw nearer on account of Riya. During this, there will be a passage of a lady in Angad Mann’s home. When this lady shows up, Angad will begin dissolving poison in Mann and Tejo’s life. Angad Mann will get vexed seeing this lady.

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Tejo and Fateh will up close and personal
Tejo and Fateh will up close and personal soon. Tejo will come to realize that Fateh is leaving Jasmine and living in Gurdaspur. Tejo will be astounded to see Fateh working at the petroleum siphon.

Jasmine will track down a covert operative behind Tejo and Fateh
Jasmine will increase the quest for Tejo and Fateh when the cash comes. Jasmine will enlist an investigator to track down Tejo and Fateh. Jasmine is frantic to know regardless of whether Tejo and Fateh are living respectively… . Subsequent to affirming this, another move will be made against Jasmine Tejo and Fateh.

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