Udaariyaan 29th March 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 29th March 2022 Episode Start :Episode starts with Fateh and all the people of his house dancing, then Tejo looks back and sees Fateh is dancing, after that Tejo looks at her father, after sometime Fateh comes to Tejo and takes her to dance. Then Tejo also goes with Fateh and starts dancing, then suddenly she remembers that Papa has forbidden to go to Fateh, then Tejo secretly walks away after that Tejo’s father Rupi goes to Tejo. They go and Tejo holds hands and puts them in Fateh’s hand, seeing that everyone starts clapping with joy, after that Fateh speaks to Tejo, Tejo gets happy hearing this Uncle forgives me.

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Then after that everyone comes to Holika, then Fateh sets fire to Holika, then everyone worships Holika, vaccinates each other, after that Jasmine goes to eat something, then Angad comes there and says you You are eating sweets here, then Jasmine speaks, what do you mean after that Angad speaks, you first found a poor pundit, after that got a false horoscope made, got a flaw in it, after that this horoscope somehow reached the uncle of the form, the plaintiff would speak after that. If the police will arrest the Pandit from whom he had made his horoscope, then Jasmine says why if you think that I have done all this, then I think you have sent this horoscope to your father.

Then Angad says that my eyes are always on you and anyway everyone knows how much you have done in this family. Then Jasmine says whatever you want to think, you should cry anyway, your lust is going to be someone else’s, then Angad says that the spark must be burning on you because till now you want Fateh to marry American and love is one Excuse is . After that everyone goes home, then Fateh calls to Tejo, then Tejo says, I feel like a dream and Fateh says that I can’t sleep tonight. Then Fateh says who will say good night, then Tejo speaks, then how to speak, Fateh speaks, will have to come and tell Tejo refuses and says that you have already troubled everyone a lot with the tent, if you do something wrong now then Papa’s mood can deteriorate at any time, Fateh says that now it is too late, then Tejo runs to the terrace and sees Fateh is standing down and asks him to leave.

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On the other hand Tejo’s mother and Tejo’s father are talking to each other that Tejo is happy, she said yes, she is very happy, then Rupi said, I should go and see Tejo, she said yes, then he went to meet Tejo and climbed on the Fateh terrace. Since then Papa comes and asks what are you doing here, Tejo says how good the wind is going, that’s why I go away after saying so much, then Fateh reaches the terrace and Tejo takes her to his house. She goes to the room. And said, do not meet me now and go by saying good night, then Fateh said, where have I met now, look how loud my heart is beating, then Tejo spoke, after that Tejo said tomorrow is Holi, then Fateh said so take care of me First, do not apply any other color to you, then Tejo said how long will I keep protecting the family, then Fateh said that I do not know that I came home after saying so much.

And sees that Amrik is scared again, Fateh understands him again. Then Holi came, Tejo’s father and Fateh’s father applied color to each other. On the other hand, Tejo is avoiding everyone that he should not apply any other color, after that he says if Agra will apply any other colour, do not tell me. Here Jasmine is talking to someone else on the phone or is working and Angad was watching Jasmine talking, so American comes and paints Jasmine and then tells Jasmine if you paint me If you don’t apply then Jasmine says I will apply but I don’t have colour, then American moves forward with the color that is in her hand, she applies color to America too, then America says that I have Holi, then Jasmine goes to her I think in my mind that you are done, but I am still there, then she leaves.

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Here Tejo is waiting for Fateh but Fateh has not come till now, after some time Yuvraj comes and says to Tejo, Didi why are you standing here alone, if I apply color, then Tejo does not speak, Fateh has said first If I apply color, I am waiting for the same, Yuvraj said no, I will say so much, Tejo ran, then Tejo ran and Jasmine saved the falling, after that again all the Tejo ran to paint, on the other hand Fateh took the bike Have taken entry from then Tejo and Fateh applied color to each other then everyone started dancing then Tejo was being called and after hitting a man a knife dropped from that man then Tejo asked who are you .

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