Udaariyaan 2nd April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 2nd April 2022 Episode Start :The episode begins with Mahi and Amrik flying a ship made of the same letter that Jasmine is looking for. Jasmine comes and picks him up and says that you are playing with the ship, it is not a job, then Fateh leaves from there, then Jasmine also thinks that I should also go, then Mahi holds Jasmine’s hand and says, let’s get the packing done. After that Jasmine wants to leave from there.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Just then Gurupreeti comes and says take the gurudwara’s prasad, then Jasmine raises her hand to take the prasad, in which she takes the same letter, she drops the letter to take the prasad, which falls in the clothes kept there and then Jasmine goes to eat the prasad. After trying to lift her, Gurpreet says, Jasmine, I have kept milk in the kitchen and saw it, and Jasmine comes to see her, then she sees whatever clothes were kept there, they were not there, then Jasmine is surprised after all she has gone. Where then asks where the clothes were told, then Gurupreet says, the one whose clothes were kept in his room.

On the other hand, Fateh calls Tejo and writes and makes some paper together. For whom, then Angad says for Tejo, then only then Roopi Singh comes, then says that you do not like your friend’s choice, everyone knows Angad says yes, here Jasmine tells Gurpreet, if I go home to prepare Tejo, then she would have spoken. It is teak, after that Gurpreet comes to Fateh’s room to prepare her, then Fateh hangs up the phone after seeing her mother, throws her paper down, then mother says how nice this sherwani is, wear it as soon as she opens the sherwani. From there that letter falls, says Fateh.

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You come, I come ready and after that she still says how this paper has fallen, Fateh says it only and snatches it and puts it in the same sherwani, here Tejo is thinking only about Fateh, only then someone closes the gate. When Tejo knocks, Tejo thinks Fateh has come, but when Tejo opens the gate, he is overwhelmed, then Tejo says that it is good that you have come, now you will not go anywhere Abhiraj says right there Jasmine reaches her house and she is sent from She starts looking for clothes, then Jasmine’s mother comes and says that she has come, then Jasmine says yes, I thought come and get some help, then mommy says yes.

After that Jasmine would say that all those clothes that came from my house have said, then mother says, I have given it to everyone, then Jasmine says, well, where is her box, then mother says she is in the room, then Jasmine goes running and in all those boxes She starts searching for that letter, but that letter stays with Fateh, then Angad thinks seeing Jasmine so upset, what is the matter here, Jasmine is searching for that letter in all the boxes but she is not able to find it, then Jasmine’s mother says What are you looking for, then Jasmine says the ring that Amrik had given, then mommy says you are very careless, let me also look for it, then Biji calls Satti and Angad comes there and tells Jasmine, I want some help Do it, Jasmine says you stay away, then Angad says what has been lost so that the color of your face has blown away.

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Here Fateh gets ready and leaves for Tejo’s house with his family members, here Angad is repeatedly asking Jasmine, tell me what has happened, tell me too, I will help, no one in the ring given to you by America. If you don’t have the courage, you have the courage to get Fateh, then Jasmine says yes, if you can prove it, then go and do it, then Rupi Singh comes there and Angad asks Jasmine what is the matter, then Jasmine says Yes, my loved ones have forgiven me, but this Angad ji is still doing it on me that I still want to separate Tejo and Fateh, now Angad says tell uncle ji what am I looking for in this box and bang, then think Jasmine It seems that what should I tell, then Jasmine suddenly sees the ring that has fallen down and brings it up and tells Papa Roopi Singh, I was looking for this ring of mine, then Angad admits to Rupi Singh, then Rupi Singh Angad It is said that no matter what, you always want the good of Tejo, I cannot think wrong about you, along with that, I speak to Jasmine, I do not want any disturbance today and go ahead. I see after that Angad leaves from there.

Then Jasmine says that today this ring has been saved, but the letter went, wherein Fateh and all the people of his house reached there dancing with this band of Tejo, Tejo is watching from the terrace, after that Fateh gets the ribbon cut. Then Fateh and his family members are asked to come inside, only then after seeing Jasmine upset, Amrik asks what is the matter, then Jasmine thinks that I should tell him the whole thing, then it goes away if American does not get angry, then Gurpreet comes there. And asks Amrik to bring the same from the car.

Here Fateh goes to meet Tejo, there Jasmine stands by being very upset, only then she comes and tells Jasmine why is the color of your face so blown up, then Jasmine says till I have gone that’s why she says only marriage I have gone till now, you have to do two or two marriages, Jasmine says who is the other then Sweety tells me who else then Jasmine says really then Sweety speaks, you do not remember the same pundit told that your marriage will also happen soon then Jasmine She says that she is a fraud and is in jail, then Sweety used to say the same thing, but see that my marriage has also been fixed, after that Sweety leaves, then Jasmine starts thinking about Pandit again.

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