Udaariyaan 30th March 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 30th March 2022 Episode Start :The episode begins with Tejo and an outsider colliding, after the collision, a knife falls from that man, then Tejo panics and asks the man, what is the use of a knife in this holi party, Jasmine would have come so much. She says he is the cook, I have called him, his name is Chetan, after that Jasmine stares at him very sharply and asks him to leave, then he leaves, then Tejo says all the arrangements for the Holi party, then Angad Ji has done it, then Jasmine says nervously that her mother told that Chetan ji cooks good food, cuts good vegetables, after that she tells Tejo how much Angad ji will do alone, so I thought why should I also help him after that. She tells Tejo that I am going to Chetan ji to see what she is doing, then Tejo thinks that there must be some thing, why is Jasmine so nervous.

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After that, Sugandha comes to Angad and says Happy Holi, then Angad speaks, how much did you wait, after that Angad speaks, no one knows that you are coming, let’s give a sarphrase to everyone. After that Sugandha goes to dance on the stage, Tejo and Jasmine also start dancing with her. After that Nimmo comes from behind and looks at Gurpreet Fateh’s mother and asks about her well-being, after that Amrik and Jasmine also come there, then Jasmine’s phone rings and she leaves, then Nimmo tells Gurpreet that Jasmine But take a little care, I do not believe in this girl, then Gurpreet says Nimmo, I do not have faith in you too, so Nimmo also says that I have got a call too, I am also leaving. After that Jasmine goes to Chetan and says, I told you to come comfortably, then Chetan says oh madam suddenly came in front, then Jasmine says, show the good stuff, what are you for, then she sees the knife, rope etc. Rahat then shows him the place behind and says he has to do the same thing, then the man and Jasmine leave.

Then after that Angad was watching and listening to all these things from behind, then Angad says that after all, what Jasmine wants, you have to find out and dancing and singing is going on here. After some time, two waiters are talking to each other that it is a ball of cannabis, see if no one eats it carefully, since then Angad also listens to this thing and comes to the waiter and says what is happening Then the waiter says nothing, then Angad said, I have heard everything, after that he thinks that Jasmine will not tell anything like this, why not let him know about the cannabis yellow, after that he speaks to the waiter, go and give it to Jasmine and take the waiter. Goes to give it to Jasmine but on the way Tejo’s mother takes the glass and drinks it and tells the waiter it tastes very good, go get 2 more glasses, after that the waiter comes, then Tejo’s mother Fateh’s mother would drink everything. After that, Mahi keeps paying attention to Jasmine, then Yuvraj comes and tells Mahi that you are also paying attention to Jasmine, then Mahi says that Jasmine wins everyone’s heart by doing all the good deeds first. Then later she messes up, then Yuvraj says, if Jasmine is going to do something like this, then she will know all the things about cannabis and yellow, along with her, she says, let’s get Thandai competition done. Mahi speaks

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After that the competition starts between Angad and Fateh, after that Fateh and Angad keep on drinking, then Tejo refuses to drink more Fateh, then Fateh does not agree after that then Tejo says if you drink a glass then I will give After that, Fateh does not believe in the glass, then Tejo also starts drinking, everyone is surprised to see that his American Mahi mixes Uvraj and drinks Jasmine, then everyone starts dancing, while dancing, Tejo’s feet start seducing him. Picks it up in the lap and Jasmine is watching all this, after that Jasmine calls Chetan and says this is the right opportunity because now everyone is drunk, Chetan tells you to work as soon as I give the signal After Jasmine hangs up the phone and moves forward, then her feet also start swaying, then Jasmine says that if I drink any cannabis, then all my work plan will be spoiled.

Here Fateh takes Tejo on the terrace carrying him in his lap and says that if you have become heavy, then Tejo says today it is Holi, who will sleep today, after that Tejo says, I am very hungry if Fateh feeds something. Two then Fateh says what to feed, then looks at the laddus kept nearby, he gives them to eat, after that both Tejo and Fateh start eating laddus, then Tejo tells Fateh that when did you fall in love with me, then Fateh says love It happened long ago, but the realization happened later, here Jasmine also started getting intoxicated with cannabis and she also started coming inside the house and thinking that I should not say anything wrong to Tejo and Fatah in the intoxication of this fracture. Jasmine thinks that I have taken some rest, since then Mahi comes there and talks to Jasmine, let’s play Holi, then Jasmine says no, I have to rest, here Angad is also meditating on Jasmine, while Fateh is speaking with Tejo. That I have hurt you a lot, neither Tejo speaks, but then Fateh starts accepting Tejo’s apology, after that both start playing Holi.

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