Udaariyaan 31th March 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 31th March 2022 Episode Start :The episode starts from the day of Holi in which Jasmine is resting in the room after eating cannabis, then Chetan’s call comes and says madam, what to do, you have not told anything yet at that time Jasmine is absolutely intoxicated, then remember her. She does not know who she is talking to, then suddenly she remembers that it is Chetan ji whom I have called to do some work, then Jasmine speaks to Chetan, yes I will call and tell you when and what To do

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I have to find Fateh and Tejo before Jasmine speaks. Here Fateh and Tej are sleeping in the same room, then Fateh’s sleep opens and says that if someone sees us together like this, then there will be a problem, Fateh comes down saying so much, while Angad is intoxicated with cannabis and He goes to the terrace and Angad accidentally goes to the same room in which Tejo is sleeping, then Angad goes straight to the bathroom, only then Tejo’s sleep also opens, here Jasmine and Chetan were making some plans together, then Mahi sees goes and thinks what is this Jasmine going to do now

On the other hand, Fateh calls Tejo and asks to bring you some food, at the same time sees Angad coming out of the bathroom and Fateh refuses, then Tejo admits that I did not know that you are in this room. Then Tejo says, you go out with Angad, here Fateh was staying with Tejo, only then he sees Angad coming out of Tejo’s room, after that Fateh goes to Tejo, then suddenly Jasmine comes there and she wants to tell something to Fateh. Then Fateh believes that I will listen later, then Jasmine speaks, after that Jasmine calls Tejo and calls back, then Tejo asks Jasmine what is the matter, why are you so nervous Then Jasmine says come first

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On the other hand, Mahi is looking for Tejo and Fateh, Angad and Roopi have a lot, then Angad tells why what happened, then Mahi says that Jasmine is about to do something again, I saw her with a man who had taken something in a sack. There Jasmine comes and says that I am this and why are you all so nervous Tejo my sister why will I do anything good then Mahi speaks to Jasmine directly tell me Tejo sister-in-law, then Jasmine speaks Tejo is your sister-in-law now There Tejo comes backwards looking for Jasmine, but Jasmine is not visible, then suddenly there is a light burning there where Fateh brings rose flowers and starts throwing them on Tejo and Tejo becomes very happy. Then Tejo tells Fateh, I had come here to find Jasmine, then Fateh told that all this plan is of Jasmine, then Tejo said that from where all these ideas come in his mind, how good is everyone.

After sometime Fateh proposes to Tejo and asks to get married and Tejo says yes, then everyone starts clapping, then Mahi admits her mistake to Jasmine and said that I misunderstood you, then Jasmine spoke nothing there. Look how good Tejo and Fateh are looking, after that Fateh and Tej cut cakes and feed them to each other, seeing all this, both the families are very happy. And on the other hand the pundit who told the horoscope thing is in jail and on that pundit speaks with a polish that my predictions never lie that I was right. Then Fateh’s mother told Tejo’s mother, tomorrow we are coming to your house, she said okay. Then everyone came home, Rupi started decorating the house since morning, then Angad comes and says Rupi Uncle, you don’t need to worry, I started seeing everything, then Rupi says how can I thank you, then Angad speaks how are you talking uncle ji

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Here Amrik brought two phlegm for Jasmine, seeing that Jasmine becomes happy, then Amrik says that you had broken phlegm on that day, then I brought another, then Jasmine said after that Jasmine said that the mistake that I accepted from you that day, then tough cough Were thinking to break, what did America say, then Jasmine felt that then American does not have that letter, then who has it, then Jaimin asks Amrik about the book in which that letter was, then Amrik says that book to Fateh Bhai When he was in his room, he gave me the lake, then in that book, Jasmine looks for the letter but does not find it, then Jasmine goes to Fateh’s room to find the letter, while Fateh looks for her mobile to call Tejo, there Jasmine is in Fateh’s room. Coming towards.

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