Udaariyaan 3rd April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 3rd April 2022 Episode Start :Till now you have seen in Udariyaan Latest Episode, Jasmine gets Amrik let out of prison. Jasmine guarantees that in the event that Amrik doesn’t uphold her, she will send him back to prison.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Jasmine will execute another scheme soon in the sequential Udaariyan. This time Jasmine will make Fateh’s family her casualty. In the impending episode of Serial Udariyaan Upcoming Episode, you will see, Jasmine will arrive at Fateh’s home as a lady of the hour. Here Jasmine will guarantee that Fateh’s family should give her little girl in-regulation status.

Jasmine will extortion Fateh’s loved ones
Khushbir will won’t comply with Jasmine. In such a circumstance, Jasmine will begin extorting Fateh’s loved ones. Khushbir should bow before Jasmine’s craftiness. Khushbir will be compelled to hold hands before Jasmine. Khushbir will consent to acknowledge Jasmine as the girl in-law of his home. Not just this, Khushbir and his whole family will likewise apologize to Jasmine.

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Thugs will go after Tejo’s dad
A few thugs will go after Rupi in the manner. These individuals will kill Rupi a ton. During this, Fateh will likewise go through here. Fateh will pursue seeing Rupi being thumped by the thugs. Fateh will battle with the hooligans to save Rupi. Fateh will likewise get harmed during this conflict. In the interim, these hooligans will leave Rupi and flee.

Tejo will be driven away by Angad Mann
Angad Mann will stop Tejo halfway. Angad Mann will cause Tejo to sit in his vehicle right away. Tejo will be panicked to see such a demonstration of Angad Mann.

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