Udaariyaan 4th April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 4th April 2022 Episode Start :Episode starts with Fateh going to Tejo’s room then Tejo says someone will come Fateh then Fateh says let me come, I don’t care after that Farah and Tejo start talking then Fateh says to stop. Get ready then Tejo says that I have some condition then Fateh says I accept all your condition then Tejo says promise Fateh you will take care and respect of all the relationship related to me, after that she says that whatever happens, both of us Don’t lose your trust in each other, after that you will never lie to me, then Fateh says I will love not only you but everything related to your house, your every relationship is now my relationship, after that Fateh says to trust you This is my life, I will never lie to you nor will I ever think that you can ever lie to me, if this happens, it will be my last day, then Tejo immediately refuses to tell her like this

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After that Tejo says it is not right to believe so much then Fateh does how not to believe so much then Fateh says that maybe you do not believe in me so much then Tejo says that the second name of love is trust and I believe in you as much I do not do that much on anyone. On the other hand, Gurupreet sends Jasmine to bring Tejo down, then only then Satti brings down the Tejo, then everyone starts dancing. Of course, while dancing, Fateh gets something in his hand and goes to wash it, everyone waits for Fateh to say that when he is gone, Fateh is getting very angry because Fateh has already got that letter. .

After that Tejo’s mother performs the aarti of Tejo and Fateh and says Fateh son, I am handing you a piece of my heart, take care of it well then Fateh’s mother asks Fateh to open her fist and Fateh took that letter in the same hand. It remains only then Mahi also says brother, open his hands, after that Fateh opens his hands, now Mahi says that he has taken a love letter for Tejo’s sister-in-law, only then Fateh takes coconut in the other hand and drops it down, everyone is surprised to see this. After that, Fateh stands up and says that this cannot be stopped – everyone gets nervous after hearing this.

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Then Tejo tells Fateh what you are saying, after that Jasmine says what happened, you come here, we will talk later, then Fateh says you leave my hand, I will talk to you later, then Tejo says what is the matter What do you want Fateh to say, only then Fateh says, I want to appear in front of Sam what is written in this letter, only then American says brother, why are you speaking like this in such an auspicious time, then Fateh says, America, this is for you only, see After what your beloved wife Jasmine has written, Fateh falls on the letter in which it is written that America forgive me that night, you did not kill anyone, this is a plan made by me, this matter to Tejo too. I knew that’s why Fateh broke the roka, then Amrik tells Fateh that brother, it means I am innocent, I have not killed anyone.

Then Fateh says yes brother, you are absolutely right, you have not done anything, after that Fateh tells Tejo if Jasmine Bus comes to know about the same thing and says till then it was fine but you lied to me for your sister, it is not right. After that, Fateh said that on what basis are we going to start our relationship on a lie, after that Fateh tells Tejo that tell me why did you not tell me the truth, then Jasmine tells Fateh that there is no fault of Tejo in this. It was forbidden, then Fateh tells Tejo, did you tell Jasmine to tell the truth, Tejo says that she has not refused, then Fateh says because of this, my whole family does not sleep through the night, somewhere American should not be hanged Know how upset my whole family is because of this everyone has cried tears of blood.

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After that Fateh says that you have helped save his crime by not telling the truth, then Tejo tells Fateh that I was giving Tejo a chance to improve, there was some change in her, then Jaimin also told me that American Forgives me, then Rupi comes to Jasmine, after that says to Jasmine, it means that you did not tell anything to America, then Jasmine says, Papa, really I wrote this letter for America, I did not know that this letter was from America. After that Jasmine tells the whole thing to Fateh, then Fateh says then another lie when and where to tell you, she has done PhD in it, after that Jasmine says that Fateh is not like this, then Fateh says that such a big thing You will write in a letter and everyone will agree so easily, after that Fateh says that you have hidden such a big thing from me, I am making promises to your father, then Fateh tells Tejo that my family trusts you more than me. , believe and you sewed this, then Fateh says Tejo you spoiled everything, now we can not live together then Tejo says don’t do this Fat Then Fateh starts leaving from there, then Tejo says please Fateh, don’t go away from me like this.

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