Udaariyaan 5th April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 5th April 2022 Episode Start :The episode begins with Fateh and Tejo breaking the roka, in which Fateh tells Tejo that you did not break the trust of us by hiding such a big truth, now we and you can be in one, after that you find Papa Tejo’s father. Do you know this thing beforehand, then Tejo does not call mother Satti, brother, now we also came to know about this thing, then Fateh’s father tells Tejo’s father what will he say now brother, then Tejo says Papa ji in this. The fault is mine, so don’t quarrel with both of you, I should have told all the truth earlier, but I made a big mistake.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Then Rupi tells Fateh’s father that these mistakes have happened and after finishing it, then Khushbir Singh Fateh’s father says that your daughter makes mistakes, Jai and we forgive it is like this brother, now you forgive us only then Fateh is there. When he starts leaving, Tejo stops him and says, do as much anger as you have to be angry with me, but do not misunderstand my intentions, I did not want anything like this then Fateh leaves from there then Sukhbir Singh Tejo Come to me and say that I had helped you by going against my son and today Tejo you stitched this, today you broke all the relations and our heart also starts crying fast.

After that Sukhbir leaves from there then gradually the whole family leaves from Tejo’s house then Jasmine runs after Amrik and says I really wanted to tell you the truth but I didn’t have the courage to tell from front so I That letter was written by you, what did I know that you did not get this, give me a chance, I understand everything, only then Fateh removes Jasmine from America and goes away sitting in the car and Jasmine keeps crying, then Angad with Jasmine Says that it was your master plan that Tejo and Fateh did not match, then Jasmine says that you understand what you have, then Angad says that I already know that, Tejo ji had believed that I was someone I will not tell anything and I thought Tejo ji must have given everything to Fateh but she did not even tell, then Jasmine says what is the truth, I know I do not need to explain to you

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Here Fateh and OK family members reach their house, then Fateh asks Amrik to take rest, here Tejo thinks why not be angry and hid the big truth, I broke the heart of his family members, Fateh’s anger is justified only when Jasmine reaches Tejo. When she is going, Roopi Singh Sandhu stops Jasmine and asks where are you going, then Jasmine says to Tejo, only then Rupi Singh slaps Jasmine, then Jasmine says as much as you have to die, if you have to fight, then hold on. I did not want all this, then Angad reaches Tejo, then Tejo tells Angad, what happened Angad ji, why did I not listen to you, I thought of Jasmine’s well being and what happened Fateh left me and went away Tejo is crying, then Angad says how can you be so weak, you should face the fight, talk to Fateh, on the other hand Fateh is thinking that I will never forgive Tejo now.

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