Udaariyaan 6th April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 6th April 2022 Episode Start :Episode starts with Jasmine in which Jasmine says I have hurt Tejo a lot. After that Tejo and Jasmine want to apologize to Fateh’s house but Rupi Singh refuses to go there, then Angad convinces Rupi Singh and Tejo asks Jasmine to go to Fateh’s house then Rupi Singh says okay go, Then Angad comes to Fateh’s house with Tejo and Jasmine, after that Tejo and Jasmine bell the door and Fateh tells Mahi to open the door, then Mahi goes to open the door, only then Fateh comes and tells Mahi no need. When Fateh’s family members also come to open the door, then Fateh sends everyone inside.

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Then Busho tells Fateh that once he comes inside, let him listen, then Fateh says that I can never forget what Tejo has done to my family, here Tejo’s mother Satti is worried about Tejo that she is at Fateh’s house. What will Jasmine and Tejo be doing here, Jasmine and Tejo are shouting for a long time to open the door, but Fateh also starts going into the room when Fateh comes in the room, then Amrik brings Jasmine’s bag packed and opens the door, Jasmine says to fall on Amrik’s feet. Don’t tell Tejo the mistake you made, American says that you are right, you will get the punishment for your mistake, after that American gives Jasmine’s bag and says take your stuff and never come to this house after today, then Tejo tells American Don’t do this, this is your wife, then American says, Tejo ji, earlier I used to respect you a lot, but not now, you have made fun of my brother’s love, I beg both of you, you guys and today’s After saying never come to this house, American closes the door.

Then Tejo does not go home, she sits near the door and keeps on crying, even Fateh does not sleep, then he goes to the terrace, then he sees from the terrace that Tejo has been sitting here for the whole night, then Fateh gives voice to Tejo. After that Fateh comes down and says to Tejo, now all this is not going to change, you go home at 5 o’clock in the morning, then Tejo says whatever you have to say, tell me whatever punishment you want to give but away from me Don’t go after that Tejo tells Fateh don’t think about us right American and Jasmine then Fateh says that their relationship was wrong, my brother Amrik was afraid to go to Jasmine and Tejo I will never forgive you I will do it because if I forgive you then I will not be able to meet American eyes after that Fateh says to Tejo if you knew everything and would come and tell me everything at once, both together came up with some solution but you spoiled everything by not telling the truth. done.

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After that Fateh asks Tejo to go home, then Fateh goes to his house here in the morning, Tejo and Jasmine know that as soon as Rupi Singh goes to pick up those people, only then the police comes to Rupi Singh’s house. Everyone is surprised to see, after that Rupi Singh tells the police what is the matter, then Jasmine Angad and Tej also reach home, then the police say that they have come to arrest Jasmine, then Abhiraj says in what crime, then the police says American Angad asks the police, who has made this complaint, then the police say that Fateh Singh Virk has heard this and everyone is surprised.

Then Tejo says there is no such thing, it is a family matter, then Rupi Singh Sandhu says take it sir, only then Satti and everyone stops doing this, then Rupi Singh says take it, then the police say that you have to go. Because I have an arrest warrant, if Fateh Singh Virk withdraws his case, then even if something happens, he starts taking Jaimin in handcuffs, then Angad stops, then the police says that I have the hospital report and Amrik Singh’s. There is a statement in which it is clearly said that Jasmine wanted to send a living man to the jail by declaring him dead, along with this, Jasmine says that I do not go to jail, after that the lady police takes Jasmine in the car and takes her to the police station. Here everyone keeps on crying.

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