Udaariyaan 7th April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 7th April 2022 Episode Start :The episode starts with Jasmine going to jail and in the same jail where Jasmine is, there is also a Pandit who after seeing the horoscope of Tejo and Fateh told that if these two get married then one death is certain. Sure, on the other hand, Fateh tells Amrik that I punished Jasmine for what she did, I sent her to jail, then Amrik says this may worsen your relationship with Tejo ji, then Fateh says if Tejo will understand that I did right. Then nothing will happen.

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On the other hand Tejo and Angad reach the police station and talk to the police, Tejo says leave Jasmine, I am arranging bail, then Angad says that today Tejo ji cannot do much because today is Sunday, then the police say tomorrow. By 11 o’clock you will get the bell done, then it is teak, otherwise you will have to get rid of it from the court itself and yes, if you are worried so much, then ask Fateh Singh Virk to take back the hair. Then Tejo says I can go and meet Jasmine once, then the police says it is teak, after that Tejo Jake meets Jasmine and says you don’t worry, I do something to rescue you, then Jasmine says Tejo is not here. Rehna after that Tejo goes to meet Fateh, then Busho gets a call that Fateh is not at home, he has gone out and will come tomorrow, then Angad says that tomorrow is the time till 11 am Tejo ji, you call Fateh. Or message them and tell them to withdraw the case, then Tejo messages Fateh.

Here Rupi Singh tells Satti why this happens only with my daughters. It is morning then a lady police comes to wake Jasmine and says that someone has come to meet you, then Jasmine sees that Angad is there, after that Angad asks Jasmine to come out, only then Tejo also reaches the police station and She tells the police that Jasmine has to be freed, then the police says that someone has already got her released, then Tejo thinks that Fateh must be going and looks outside, then Angad and Jasmine are talking, only then he does not come to Fateh. But Tejo and Fateh are unable to see each other, then Tejo thinks that Angad ji did not get this bell done here, Fateh tells the police, I have come to take back my case, then the police says that Jasmine’s bail is over. He will be outside, now Tejo is thinking that Fateh has disappointed me once again, after that Tejo goes to Jasmine and says you are teak, Tejo thanks Angad ji after that.

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After that Fateh comes out and sees Angad and Tej keep talking with Jasmine then Fateh says Tejo once again broke my trust, I had come before 11 o’clock and Tejo again trusted Angad so much. Saying this, Fateh leaves. Then Tejo would go a little far and call her father and say that I and Angad ji have got Jasmine’s bell done together, now they are coming straight home. Here Jasmine says to Angad ji, Wow, Fateh did not even come here to see his tejas, then Angad says if you knew, you would have told, then Jasmine says why should I tell, I did not know that I had come to see By the way, you have become great in the eyes of Tejo by making my bell before Fateh, after that Jasmine tells Angad that you do not want to see Tejo and Fateh together, then Angad says, think whatever you want to think.

Then Tejo comes and tells Angad to leave Jasmine at home, I will go to college, then Angad says teak. After that Tejo reaches the college and Fateh already lives there then Tejo goes to Fateh and says I thought that you will get Jasmine bailed but it doesn’t matter even without you it got bail then Fateh says yes why No, it is not your Angad nor I had come to get the bell done, you have not even seen it and then there is a tussle between Fateh and Tejo about Angad and the matter escalates to a great extent in which Tejo would raise his hand on Fateh. Is .

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