Udaariyaan 9th April 2022 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update
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Udaariyaan Written Update 9th April 2022 Episode Start :Episode starts with Tejo Fateh and Sukhbir Singh in which Fateh and Sukhbir Singh want to meet Tejo and want to thank him in which Fateh goes to meet Tejo then he sees Angad near Tejo and then comes out angry. And Sukhbir Singh says that Fateh tells his father that Papa thank you Tejo, I have remembered some work, I come after doing that.

Udaariyaan Written Update Today

Here, a call comes on Angad’s phone and Angad leaves, only then he also reaches Sukhbir Singh, then Tejo bows to him, after that Sukhbir Singh also admits to Tejo’s mistake and also says thanks that today because of you I got ticket again in the party then Tejo says it is a very good thing then Sukhbir Singh says tomorrow I will go for nomination Tejo you also come then Tejo says teak hai papa ji then both come to their respective homes .

Then in the morning Tejo gets ready and starts going to the nomination, only then Rupi Singh Sandhu comes and says that it is being said that the one who left your side is going to support the same, then Abhiraj comes and tells Rupi Singh, hurry up everyone. DM is waiting in office then Tejo asks why then Abhiraj says you don’t know uncle is also contesting election, he has also got direct ticket from party then Tejo says you did this intentionally, then Rupi Singh says now Tejo You decide whether you have to support Sukhbir Singh or if Rupi Singh goes away because of his father’s words, then Tejo gets into thinking what to do.

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Here Sukhbir Singh Birk reaches the party along with his worker, then Fateh tells his father to come inside, then Sukhbir Singh says not to let Tejo come first, only then Rupi Singh Sandhu also reaches the party office with his worker. Sukhbir and Fateh are surprised to see this and think that Rupi Singh is standing in my opposition, only then she also reaches Tejo and seeing that she stays on her father’s side, Fateh and his family are again surprised.

Then the next day Tejo leaves for college, only then Jasmine leaves, then Tejo says to Jasmine that she is being told, let me leave, then Jasmine says no, I will go, then Jasmine also reaches the college and tells Fateh to talk to Fateh. It is that American is not forgiving me, he said that if Fateh forgives then I will also forgive, then Fateh tells Jasmine that both of you are husband and wife, if he wants to forgive you, then why should I come in between, I have no problem .

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Then Jasmine says that I have to talk about Tejo also, after that Jasmine tells Fateh what to think about Tejo, then Fateh says, I have closed this square, here Tejo was talking to Angad in college. She sees Fateh and Jasmine talking and thinks what Jasmine must be talking to Fateh after that Jasmine and Fateh come home then Tejo asks Jasmine if you went to meet Fateh then Jasmine says yes I Tejo refuses to meet Fateh when she had gone to talk to him.

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