Anupama: Will Anupama be able to stop Vanraj from going to jail, will Anupama be able to punish Barkha. | Anupama Today Episode Written Update

Anupama Written Update Today
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Anupama Written Update 21st August 2022 Episode Start : Friends, we are getting to see a lot of twist these days in Star Plus’s popular serial Anupama, where Barkha has washed her hands on one side and has fallen behind Vanraj.
Because she wants to weaken Anupama, but on the other hand, Anupama is putting all her strength to fix Anuj there as soon as possible, while on the other hand, there has been police.

In the serial so that the interest of the audience has increased even more, to watch the upcoming episodes, in this article we will tell you what all you will get to see in the upcoming episodes and also the updates which are related to this serial. Is.
We will give it to you guys, in this article, just keep reading the article till today and you can tell us by commenting how you feel.

Anupama Written Update Today

So as if we compare from the last episode, there we got to see that Barkha is seen torturing Anupama from the hospital till she comes home.
Barkha says that even though she is pretending to Anuj that she will take care of Anuj and Anupama is reunited with her ex-husband, Barkha knows the truth.

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But she has gone after framing Anupama and Vanraj to save her truth and her brother, let’s know what is the truth behind this accident.
See the coincidence that Anuj went into a coma and Vanraj is unable to remember anything, which has benefited Barkha Ankush and more, in such a situation, let us tell you that behind all these accidents there was no one else but more. On the other hand the police has arrived.

Vanraj was about to leave at Sa’s house from where it is being built to meet Anuj but at the same time the police arrive and Leela feels that Barkha has done all this intentionally, now in the coming episodes, it will be known that the police has been sent by Barkha.
Or else the police have come to interrogate Vanraj to reveal Anuj’s accident to investigate himself, while on the other hand, the way Barkha is doing in the house.

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In that manner now Anupama is also seen answering and she says that this Janmashtami should not become Durgashtami for you, the meaning is clear.
That Anupama is warning Barkha that now is the time to take care or else the outcome will be very bad.

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