YRKKH Upcoming Story 23th April 2022

YRKKH Upcoming Story
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YRKKH Upcoming Story 23th April 2022 Episode Start :Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been keeping the crowd intrigued with the promising and less promising times coming in its show. In this TV show, the melancholy over the family after the separation of Karthik (Mohsin Khan) and Naira (Shivangi Joshi) figured out how to keep the crowd snared to the substance of the show, while the new curves that show up with it additionally kept the interest alive. are being fruitful.

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After the separation of Karthik and Naira, while there is an air of distress in the family, simultaneously, the two of them have begun feeling the solid love between them. In the mean time, the two of them have likewise begun gathering each other subtly. Nonetheless, presently the issue before the two of them is the manner by which to inform their family concerning their relationship. While misconceptions have fired clearing up, then again the sensation of solid love between these two is additionally expanding. Presently in the impending episodes, you will see that the two of them will communicate their affection before the family and after this Suvarna will get a misfortune.

In the approaching episodes, Kartik and Naira will share their affection for one another with their families. After this Suvarna’s faculties will take off. Suvarna (Parul Chauhan) will be profoundly wounded by Kartik’s way of behaving and this changed choice. Suvarna has an assessment against Naira to her. She accepts that it is a result of Naira that she has lost her child Shubham (Gaurav Wadhwa).

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In such a circumstance, Suvarna will find this divulgence of Karthik something like a duplicity. Suvarna won’t accept this immediately. Since Kartik had currently obviously said that he doesn’t cherish Naira. In such a circumstance, this adjustment of Karthik’s conduct will amaze Suvarna and the relatives and will bring up many issues. In any case, because of Karthik and Naira, a bay like circumstance has emerged in both the families.
In such a circumstance, can the family digest this changed choice of Karthik and Naira with such ease. Will Naira and Kartik be brought together? These inquiries will be clear just in the approaching episodes.

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